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The path for Gary Johnson

I’ve been leaning Gary Johnson since two events happened.  1)    “Look at my African-American”.  What the F was Trump smoking before he said that?  I have given him a pass on a lot of things because he’s been “genuine”, but... Continue Reading →

30 reasons I’m voting for Trump

In previous elections, there are undertones as to what drives the vote.  In 2004, Bush’s buddy Karl Rove tried to scare evangelicals about gay marriage, and the result was voting by the busloads.  In 2008, it was health care, hope,... Continue Reading →

Trump eliminating our national debt in 8 years?

Again…he fires off some bold claims, media goes bat shit – but what are the meat and potatoes behind it?  Can it be done?  What ideas do him and his people promote to do this? I just heard CNN’s Christine... Continue Reading →

Here’s what a Trump presidency may look like (hopefully!)

Yes, I'm caught up with Trump. I am not "poorly educated".  Even though I heard he loves them, I'm about to complete a second master's degree.  So, I'm not really a dim bulb.  I think a lot of people think... Continue Reading →

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