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Why Jeff Currie’s 25 billion ounce silver supply number is misleading – silver squeeze still on

Doomsday supply In 1969, my mother was a foreign exchange student to Peru. She must have told me hundreds of stories about it over the years, but many of them came back to the silver she got while there. In... Continue Reading →

The metrics of silver squeeze – how are we doing?

Updated 5/7/2021 0630 EST Update log: DateRevision 3/22/2021 1230 EST Added table for tracking short position that "Stack Shiny" posted on twitter. Seems someone is tracking short positions trying to get reduced already!3/23/2021 0630 ESTAdded COMEX daily delivery to show... Continue Reading →

I was wrong about the silver squeeze…or was I?

NO ONE know what the price will be on any date. NO ONE. We can guess using tons of research, charts, analysis. I can quote people that tell me pretty charts, but no one knows. I sometimes listen to the... Continue Reading →

What you need to know about the upcoming silver short this week

I decided to write this to educate people around the globe about what is happening this week with the #silversqueeze - not only what I'm doing, but to educate you on the setup that was long in place before this... Continue Reading →

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