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My review of gold backed tokens – and the winner is? Some surprises here

With a recent article about gold-backed tokens, I wanted to discuss here about some of the more popular ones out there. It's probably not a surprise that Kinesis is my favorite, but honestly, I didn't know a ton about a... Continue Reading →

Kinesis even FURTHER de-risking. Yes, I’m getting ready to run through walls like the Kool Aid man….

I have written here extensively about Kinesis, and I'm toying with doing a video this week for newer people out there to introduce them to what this is, what it is not, and how I intend to use it. There's... Continue Reading →

Kinesis metals holdings as part of a LAYERED approach – a USE CASE for Kinesis Monetary System

If you appreciate what I'm writing here and are considering joining Kinesis for a LAYERED PM portfolio, you can use my referral link here. Someday, it may buy me a newspaper 🙂 As a "Kinesis shill" (as I and others... Continue Reading →

Further De-Risking Kinesis – taking massive steps forward with KAG/KAU and going concern

I have written a few pieces with CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms of Kinesis. In my last one, I had a laundry list of some things I was hoping they would address. 90% of them, they have within the last two weeks, and... Continue Reading →

More bullish on Kinesis than ever!

On Weds night, US time, Kinesis had a spaces conversation in AMA format. I'm going to reiterate my stance and discuss my conclusions with these attacks. I have some more constructive feedback for the Kinesis team I will write about... Continue Reading →

Why I think gold (and silver) will fly to the moon – and why Kinesis is part of my strategy

This post here is the wakeup writing you can send your non-metals friends. This, hopefully, is the wakeup call for many. Feel free to share with non-metals friends all day long. I'd even love for some crypto people to even... Continue Reading →

How I would help with Kinesis? What if I got the tap on the shoulder…

I love my job, but some days I've had daydreams of getting a call from Kinesis.... "Nate, you want in? "Put me in coach!" Edit - 2/4 - If you want to be able to sell people on the Kinesis... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – metals pullback, mine nationalization, silver primary miners gone, Kinesis Virtual Card, Patreon

Metals pullback I have been looking at the astrology charts lately...sorry - my trading view charts - and you can see on the charts that things are looking particularly overstretched. I had sent out a few tweets about it the... Continue Reading →

What is Kinesis in relation to gold and silver, and what role will it play in the new BRICS+ world ahead?

My Kinesis referral link is here. Please sign up to Kinesis after this if you feel this is something for you! I have tried to tell some of my friends what Kinesis is, and with the current state of crypto... Continue Reading →

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