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Johnny Walker Blue

Update to healthy living 42 – To err is human!

I've never been on a cruise. People rave about them.   All of the places you visit.  The food.  The drinks.  The FOOD.  My advanced physics professor in college, Dr. Khanna, used to love telling us that every time he... Continue Reading →

Trip to Long Island – food porn enclosed

My in-laws live on Long Island.  Precisely, in a town called Bellport on the South Shore.  It's about 45 minutes from the Hamptons, and it's a town in sort of an identity crisis - the south part has quaint beach... Continue Reading →

Scotch is my new best friend

Pictured above is my meat paw, in my back yard this past spring. I grew up straight edge.  And around the age of 16, my dad got me wasted on something called "Private Stock" malt liquor.  In all fairness, I ... Continue Reading →

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