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heart disease

Update to Healthy Living 58 – Your food is killing you!

This is the most important blog I have ever written, meant to actually affect peoples' lives more so than just documenting my own way through life. Many of you don't know this or have no clue about me, as I... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 57 – more keto observations!

I wrote about some of the observations I had with keto yesterday and it was getting a bit long - so I have a few more I wanted to get to but time ran out on me! Yesterday, a few... Continue Reading →

Oatmeal -unsung hero of breakfast

I never ate oatmeal until I was 39.  Let that sink in. Good. After I watched the movie "Forks over Knives", I watched another one featuring the son of one of the stars making vegan food for others.  At first... Continue Reading →

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