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How FedCoin will save the US Dollar – and our country, from disaster

In my article this yesterday, I essentially postulated that it is POSSIBLE they really might burn the stock market to the ground to save the dollar. But then I touched on a concept that I wanted to have as a... Continue Reading →

What the bitcoiners (and crypto investors) get right and terribly wrong at the same time

(updated 10/30 0600) I initially quickly wrote this up on a lunch break but wanted to add a little more. This article was inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter this morning while caring for a sick child napping... Continue Reading →

Kinesis Money Part 3: Minting, holding, and why I believe Kinesis can replace the COMEX and traditional vaulting

Disclaimer - I am now more invested in Kinesis than the last time I wrote, as I've been moving some physical metals to Kinesis to buy KVT and mint silver. I am LONG Kinesis. However, this is NOT a paid... Continue Reading →

Not all cryptos are created equal – what about the Theta tokens or cryptos that “do” something?

I just received a comment on a previous post I wanted to address in a blog post, since the reply would be long and there's a lot of good stuff I can pack into a post. First - the setup.... Continue Reading →

Kinesis Money: Part 1 – what is Kinesis Money and why you need to buy it

Disclaimer - this is NOT a paid piece. However, I will link my referral code below in case I have interested you in Kinesis and want to sign up. Referral codes will help me support the page and YouTube... Continue Reading →

All risk is NOT created equal

I really don't like arguing with crypto people on Twitter. We see the same problems, but we see different solutions to the same problem. We mostly agree on the fundamentals of why fiat money is bad. I contend that gold... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – ALERT! I’m pulling the rip cord on shorter term options plays immediately and My YouTube Channel with partner Ashley Sirianni

If you want to see about my new YouTube channel with some content there, go right to the bottom for some links. I partner with Ashley Sirianni to tackle some big picture questions!! ALERT!! I'm not a doomsday guy -... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – 4/22: silver going to tank, bitcoin debate, investment risk, David Hunter terrifying me yet again

"Make money and people will like you. Make other people money and they will love you". Going to get hate mail on this, but catchy headline, huh? Most people look at this stuff from a very frenetic standpoint. Silver down... Continue Reading →

Silver is still on the squeeze path, markets looking “toppy”, Deso and crypto, the collapse, launching YouTube channel?

Silver is still on with the squeeze. It never stopped. Updated the silver squeeze metrics here to show you all is VERY well. I got hate mail. "Nate, you said x. It didn't happen." I'm extremely careful with my wording.... Continue Reading →

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