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Top 21 theories I have been cooking up

I mention here above all that I appreciate the ability for people to formulate theories and back it up with data/information. It takes a lot of guts to put things like that out there. Many look at things through a... Continue Reading →

The MEGA setup for gold and silver is here. Today – but not without a risk

The below is a macro economic analysis of the conditions we are seeing today. This is not financial advice - talk to your financial advisor, but this is meant to show how someone can see the world's events playing out... Continue Reading →

Advice with job losses coming – and lessons learned

I don't relish what is coming. I've prepared for it now for a few years, and because of this, feel "mostly" prepared. I think this cycle I might be ok, but you never know in the tech field. I mention... Continue Reading →

Could they let it burn? A contrarian look at why rates may actually go up and fed balance sheet may go down

As metals people, we are already contrarians. Right now, I'm seeing lots of comments like: "The fed is trapped!""They can't let rates go up!""Once the hikes start, they have to reverse course!" I don't really disagree with much of the... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking ways to play the upcoming crash with gold and silver

Main picture here is from Crescat capital, I did not create - please visit them!! If you have ever used weather forecasting, you know it is imprecise. The 10 day forecast is a joke, to be honest. Maybe they can... Continue Reading →

The pin that pops the everything bubble – takedown incoming

I've written a lot about inflation here, but I wanted to speak here to some newer people as to what I see. Why? You need to understand WHY us gold and silver bugs are out of our minds pounding the... Continue Reading →

Ways I am playing an impending crash

My 1 year old is sick again, and with that, up at 2:30 and we all know I go crazy on coffee on some overnight writings. Get your cup of joe, and settle in. I've been getting this question a... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – ALERT! I’m pulling the rip cord on shorter term options plays immediately and My YouTube Channel with partner Ashley Sirianni

If you want to see about my new YouTube channel with some content there, go right to the bottom for some links. I partner with Ashley Sirianni to tackle some big picture questions!! ALERT!! I'm not a doomsday guy -... Continue Reading →

The perfect storm – and how gold and silver might actually trigger the great reset

Note: This is not financial advice.  I’m not a financial advisor and I’m wrong 100% of the time.  Investments are risky and nothing mentioned here should be considered financial advice.  Invest at your own risk. I'm going to lay out... Continue Reading →

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