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Brent Johnson

Top 21 theories I have been cooking up

I mention here above all that I appreciate the ability for people to formulate theories and back it up with data/information. It takes a lot of guts to put things like that out there. Many look at things through a... Continue Reading →

The pin that pops the everything bubble – takedown incoming

I've written a lot about inflation here, but I wanted to speak here to some newer people as to what I see. Why? You need to understand WHY us gold and silver bugs are out of our minds pounding the... Continue Reading →

How to reduce risks in a financially unstable environment – a book in this?

I was inspired by the Bill Holter interview on Palisades Radio the other day to write this. He makes some really good points and discusses some end of days scenarios, but a particular idea caught my attention that drew me... Continue Reading →

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