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How I would navigate the energy crisis ahead

I don't have a magic wand. Nor am I about to mine asteroids. BUT I am seeing one country after another shutting down coal and nuke plants, getting 10x energy prices in cold months - and now having all kinds... Continue Reading →

Moore’s law and batteries? Not quite – but the concept is the same!

This is a short article, for me. Don't have time to dawdle today. Needed to put pen to paper quickly and bolt... Moore's Law and processing I listen to Tom interview people on his show on Palisades Radio every day.... Continue Reading →

Solar panel series – Part 4 – Course reversal, learning more, and coming to a decision in a few days

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt some in the solar industry were really, really shady. Luckily, my experience with Lumina Solar (and Matt) on Friday helped change my opinion of everyone in the industry. I had a... Continue Reading →

Solar panel series – Part 3 – Solar is a shady, shady, shady business. However, this can score me a FREE $139,300.

Look, I don't want to lump everyone into solar being shady. I LIKE what's being offered. I just am quickly running into a brick wall of a problem: transparency. Buyer....beware....big time. Ask questions. Ask a lot of them. Ask more.... Continue Reading →

Weekly metals recap – poor information in the space, shortage, COMEX, 10oz of silver and retire in Venezuela, “Where Lambo”, Batteries

Poor information in the space I'm going to start this off by discussing the amount of poor information we have in the space. Bare with me here, as this subject sets up the rest of the piece. I listen to... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – “Planet of the Humans” misses the mark, tree hugger documentary

I don't do a lot of movie reviews, but this was recommended by one of the silver guys I watch, David Morgan. Here is how you can watch it, for free:   Summary: What is it?  It's a movie... Continue Reading →

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