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Time has run out – storm clouds are here! 20 macro reasons we are in for a bad month or two | Quick note on uranium

Edit: I wrote this in pieces the last 2 days. Wouldn't you know we close up 261 on the dow. Step back from the daily close and whatever narrative the muppets on CNBC tell you to take stock in your... Continue Reading →

The relationship between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD

Most people that have been doing this for awhile know there are relationships between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD. Here, I'd like to show you some examples of these relationships and walk those a little newer through... Continue Reading →

Inflation and Deflation at the same time – the RAGING case for gold and silver that Wall Street has overlooked

I was inspired to write this after a YouTube video with Michael Pento on Palisades Gold Radio said he's been out of gold and miners for awhile now. That floored me. And, I'll explain why. Now, everyone has their own... Continue Reading →

COMEX update – and what next????

I LOVE this stuff. Who needs to go to a theme park and ride roller coasters when you have this?? Got D-STROYD yesterday on my trading account and about to get William Wallace'd today. But I STILL LOVE THIS. Some... Continue Reading →

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