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Update to Military aspirations

Several of you have been asking how this has been going, so I'm going to send an update out.  I also have some coffee flowing, so I'm also going to connect the dots for some of you who think I'm... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 102 -progress and stupid calorie math | motivation | military

This past month's weigh in was slightly disappointing, but I wanted to put it in context.  I ended up about a half a pound less. I watch a guy on YouTube at times named Alan Roberts, and he does "Every... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 99 – the 5k | Thanksgiving keto eating | 72-hour fast |military update

The 5k... This past week, I ran my first 5k.  I almost didn't run it. You see, earth was temporarily moved out of orbit and the temperatures plummeted to what might be seen on Pluto.  In York, PA - the... Continue Reading →

Our cyber warriors – what the future of warfare looks like?

Recently, you've seen me posting some blogs about wanting to join the military.  My chances are slim to zero, but all of you need to stay tuned.  While it may not be me, there is a wave coming that you... Continue Reading →

What was it like to be Doogie Howser?

Well - first, I was not a 16 year old doctor.  I was, however, an 11 year old taking a college class.  That's about where the parallels stop 🙂 To be more  precise, I was an 11 year old taking... Continue Reading →

An exciting (and well paying) job in IT – or IT security?

It might surprise you that you do not need a college degree to work in IT security.  In fact, 90% of all of the people I have ever worked with in IT over 20 years do NOT have a college... Continue Reading →

“Free college” – another way

While I didn't vote for Bernie, I could listen to the dude talk all day long. The cadence, the conviction, the passion - I admire him.  However, I might disagree with him on many issues.  He is literally a socialist... Continue Reading →

The future of manufacturing – and why we need to keep jobs here

Things are changing.  They always are, but this is in the field of robotics and automation. About 10 years ago, I was onboard with a lot of the globalization.  A lot of it made sense - then.  Millions of manufacturing... Continue Reading →

Teleportation – how can it be done?

I live in the northeast portion of the United States.  For my international readers, it's where a LOT of our population lives who does not live in California, Texas, or Florida.  You have large cities along a highway called I-95. ... Continue Reading →

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