An outreach to all readers.  I’m trying to get the word out to try and hunker down and stay home for 30 days.  As many of you probably know now, the R0 for this is relatively high compared to the flu and the low end has it at 2.  What I’d like you to do is to “infect” 2 people on your facebook who will pass this along.  Maybe you tag a “super spreader” to tag 10 people.

The idea here is have a large majority of us who can stay home – stay home.  Ensure we do not get out and about and get infected and/or infect others.  If we all become infected around the same time, we can significantly strain our medical community and increase the case fatality rate.  I’m reading that there’s possible hope with a malaria drug which may help cure people with this, but it isn’t stopping the infection.  Not until we get to about 80% of people who have been infected, do we get to herd immunity.  Another way of stopping this in its tracks is similar to what China did in theory – staying indoors.  While they may have had a different means of accomplishing this, the end result appears to have been a significant reduction in new cases, if you believe those numbers.

Yesterday, 1600 people died from this, and the day before it was 1000.  This number will continue to grow at an exponential rate and completely overrun our medical establishment.

I wrote on my facebook yesterday that our grandfathers were called to action in World War 2.  Our great grandparents, world war 1.  Our grandparents also lived through the great depression.  My parents lived through Korea and Vietnam.  Our generation’s top challenge is to sit on the goddamn couch.  I feel many reading this have trained their whole lives for this moment.


“This is the COVID-19 challenge.  YOU (tag names here) have been infected and tagged and must either tag 2 others or be a “super spreader” and tag up to 10 others.  The COVID-19 challenge is meant to find and activate participants to STAY HOME IMMEDIATELY, or within 24 hours.  The idea is to ensure people do not get infected or accidentally infect others.  It appears most of us eventually will get sick by this, but we are trying to significantly slow the rate to give our healthcare workers the ability to help those in need and not be overrun.

Each day we are in quarantine, it’s costing our businesses and people billions of dollars.  Every time you go out for groceries, ammo, or to work, you are potentially exposing yourself to illness and further delaying our country’s recovery.  By staying at home, you are helping us heal more quickly as a nation so we can come roaring back in a short time.  We must STOMP OUT this illness.

Not all of you can do this.  Some of you may be emergency workers, grocery store workers, pharmacists.  You can be “silent carriers” and pass this on to others without being infected yourselves.  We thank you for continuing to do your jobs at great risk to yourselves so we can get the services we need.  By doing this, we are also trying to keep you safe.

If you do not have your final supplies to stay home for 30 days, please make efforts to do so ASAP and then post this for others.

Then, the ask is each day to write a short status of what you did while staying at home to bring awareness to this challenge.  Some people might get stir crazy and see your statuses to get ideas to do at home.

In conclusion, we are at a time in history where this could be our generation’s defining moments.  Our grandparents lived through the Great Depression and World War 2 with great courage and resolve for 16 years.  Our greatest challenge, today, is to STAY HOME.  While we pride ourselves on freedom in this country, our greatest sacrifice we can do to help our nation heal, today, is to voluntarily restrict our freedom of movement for 30 days for the greater good of the nation.

Today, there are no republicans and democrats.  There are no red and blue states.  When this is over, we can get back to each other’s petty bickering at each other, but today we are one nation trying to get our people back to work as soon as possible.  “