My dad used to talk with me for hours about space.  Even when I was a small kid, he’d tell me about quarks….light is both a wave and a particle…the twin time paradox with light speed travel.  I mean I grew up LOVING the mystery that all of this is.  And, I’ve never had any formal education in it.  For whatever reason, I can spend hours on a car ride trying to comprehend how a black hole works.  I then start to really lose my mind contemplating the mass that it has as well as the space time distortion it creates.  I want to know more about pulsars and quasars.

If I could, I’d be in college the rest of my life.   But there’s this fun thing called student loans…a family…and a job.  While I’m closing out my second master’s degree this summer, they have nothing to do with space and all the fun math involved with that.

Physics really enamors me.  It’s like I just want to solve problems of the universe – but since my last name is not Hawking or Einstein, I have to go make the donuts like everyone else.

One thing occurred to me when I was learning about physics in college.  You have a few different types of attraction, but the big 2 I’m going to deal with are magnetic and gravity.  Magnetism has a very short range of what is affected, whereas gravity is millions of miles across – think about how we revolve around the sun from 92 million miles out.  So what occurred to me had to do with Archimedes principle and mass.

While Archimedes principle had to deal with displacement of water based on mass (you could calculate mass of an object by how much water is displaced), I felt gravity worked along the same principle where instead of water molecules you are displacing, you are displacing an invisible fabric.  I believe this fabric is displaced by tiny particle I called “anti-protons”.  I wrote about it below several years ago….


What I later learned is someone else had this exact same theory 50 years ago…oops!  And recently, they have proven the Higgs Boson particle to exist.

What’s also pretty exciting is apparently someone is about to announce that gravity waves are indeed a real thing – think of it sort of like when you are in a little boat and a big cruise liner goes by – you feel a wake on you, right?  Well…if it was a tiny toy boat 1 mile away, you wouldn’t feel it…but a big ass cruise liner leaves a wake.  While space is “nothing” so to speak, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some sort of fabric…

And this fabric is what is distorted with gravity.  I believe these particles somehow interact with space time fabric – and these particles are what dictates displacement of an object.

For sake of visuals, if you put a ball filled with air in a tub, it will float.  If you push down in it, the water levels will rise.  however, on the other side of the tub is another ball half submerged.  These objects don’t seem to be attracted to each other, right?

Well in one of my graphics above, imagine that instead of a tub filled with water, the tub is filled with 3D rubber band netting.  When this ball (a collection of anti-protons) displaces this netting, it will reduce the tension of the netting around the second ball on the side facing the first ball.  There is therefore more pressure pushing against the side of the ball away from the first ball, having an effect of pushing it towards the first ball.  Now, rubber bands have a high coefficient of friction, so maybe that’s a bad visual, but you get the point with stretching the bands.

Also odd…I noticed something else and thought it was of interest – how energy organizes itself…



Interesting enough – there’s most likely a supermassive black hole in the middle of the galaxy pictured (on the right).  Meaning…the amount of mass in the center of the galaxy has to be enough to thus have some sort of gravitational effect on the furthermost bands of the galaxy to create a form of centripetal force.  Think about the amount of mass in that!!  And….think about how those rubber bands are distorted when you are somehow placing a house in that tub rather than a ball.  The bands are stretched and stretched….

With that….

Imagine you have a ball in the tub.  The room is dark.  You shine a flashlight over the ball and you see indirect light.  However, black holes distort space so much, you can’t see light behind them.  However, light around them is bent so drastically…it alters the time it takes to get to us.

If light travels 186,000 miles per second to us on a straight line, it would take 8 minutes for the light from the sun to get to us if someone was shining an imaginary flashlight at us from the side of the sun.  However, with super gravity in black holes, the light must travel out and back again, so while the flashlight could be the same distance, with more intense gravity it might take 8 minutes and 3 seconds.  The more massive, the more light bends, the longer it travels to get here.

Things to think about!!