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weight lifting

Update to Healthy Living 52 – The Power Rack

What is a power rack, you ask?'s used for weight lifting and features different levels to rest a barbell on as well as a safety bar so you don't squash your throat or knees. Take a peak: So on... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 22 – “That moment”

My trainer asked me yesterday, "so what was that moment for you when you really decided to change"? I knew the answer, but it was long, it was complicated, and it was complex - and it was kind of emotional. ... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolution Plan

Every year, millions of Americans say sort of the same thing.  "I want to look better".  "I want to eat healthier".  "I want to be a better person". Last year at this time, I started a mostly vegan journey...and lost... Continue Reading →

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