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The commercial real estate mushroom cloud to hit

Almost 3 years ago, a few months into COVID, I had an epiphany - "if people can successfully telework, what effect does that have on commercial real estate? Not good." This is the link to my July 2020 thoughts on... Continue Reading →

What the climate and green people got wrong – and what they got right. A bi-partisan look at how this is going and what solutions can actually work

Gas prices in this country are insane. Let's start there and work outward. It is simple to see how day 1 of Biden administration gas prices started moving up via policies that limited or inhibited petroleum production, exploration, and transport.... Continue Reading →

How Zoom may inadvertently lead to the collapse of the modern city and college as we know it

You can't telework!! I'm big on teleworking.  Love it.  I'm a little jaded on this, as my commute has been usually 90 minutes or more for a good portion of my career.  I had one 3 year bout where I... Continue Reading →

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