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Gold and DXY wedges paint a story to come?

While in my previous article I busted on TA a little as a psychic power, I also mentioned I use it as part of where to enter/exit positions and use it with my macro outlooks. I do not manage billion... Continue Reading →

Where are the sellers?

I have to be honest - I was in 60% cash for like 3 weeks on lots of worries about Chinese real estate. Those problems will get here, eventually, and we may face other oddities like the debt ceiling and... Continue Reading →

Have you seen record low sentiment in metals? I have…

This is a shorter blog, as the title tells the story pretty clearly. Have most of you observed what I have this week? "These "experts" are idiots and I'm done with them""No one really knows""I think TAs are trying to... Continue Reading →

Understanding Michael Oliver’s momentum structures compared to arcs in TA with Kevin Wadsworth – gold to break out any week now

Warning. Math concepts in here. This is a supplemental writing to help people understand the bigger picture, for those that read DD and research. With gold to break out with this analysis, by proxy, it should take silver with it.... Continue Reading →

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