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strength training

Update to Healthy Living 46: Fuel Sources and Body Re-composition

I'm about to be a lab rat. Have any of you ever played  the Sims, or Civ, or one of those games where there were slide rules?  You adjust taxes too high, then weeks later, your people riot.   Taxes... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 43 – refocusing on strength training

I love to run.  But an overwhelming amount of evidence is telling me not to. First, I've had this conversation a few times with my trainer.  She is pretty focused on weight training, and I'm looking to (many years down... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 25 – Running yourself thin? Think again

I want to run.  So badly.  And I get to do it from time to time, but I need to send out a PSA for a lot of people that might be seriously overweight and think that running is your... Continue Reading →

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