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The case for and against silver – at this moment

TLDR - my weather forecast has cloudy overnight with strong chance of torrential showers with a sunny sky tomorrow with rainbows. Bring your umbrella to be certain. Like many others, I'm stupid crazy bullish silver, but over the last few... Continue Reading →

What the climate and green people got wrong – and what they got right. A bi-partisan look at how this is going and what solutions can actually work

Gas prices in this country are insane. Let's start there and work outward. It is simple to see how day 1 of Biden administration gas prices started moving up via policies that limited or inhibited petroleum production, exploration, and transport.... Continue Reading →

How I would navigate the energy crisis ahead

I don't have a magic wand. Nor am I about to mine asteroids. BUT I am seeing one country after another shutting down coal and nuke plants, getting 10x energy prices in cold months - and now having all kinds... Continue Reading →

Two main drivers for silver price to go absolutely crazy in the coming years

Solar and EVs. There. End of article. **************************************************************** Edit 12/24 0330 - Added more research on solar to bolster the projections of demand upcoming. OK. Not end of article. We are going deep on this one, so get a pot... Continue Reading →

Solar Panels part 5 – decision is in

You might be surprised that I went with the most expensive option I had - but the solution provided was also way more than I needed and works with a price point for me where I feel I will make... Continue Reading →

Solar panel series – Part 4 – Course reversal, learning more, and coming to a decision in a few days

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt some in the solar industry were really, really shady. Luckily, my experience with Lumina Solar (and Matt) on Friday helped change my opinion of everyone in the industry. I had a... Continue Reading →

Solar panel buying part 2 – evaluating the energy cliff from Steve St. Angelo

I highly recommend you check out Steve's latest interview at Palisades HERE. I wanted to add an intellectual discussion as part of my solar purchasing series. For those looking for KWH break downs and my monthly solar bill, this isn't... Continue Reading →

Oil play – what’s ahead? What does this mean for our country in the next 5-10 years with energy?

Note: This is not financial advice.  I’m not a financial advisor and I’m wrong 100% of the time.  Investments are risky and nothing mentioned here should be considered financial advice.  Invest at your own risk.   Last week, OPEC+ agreed... Continue Reading →

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