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Silver shorts – Why I’m short to my eyeballs in non-metals

I'm really not a doom and gloomer. However, in my "normal" portion of my trading account, it's about half gold and silver miners or so where my expectation is, that over time, the PMs will gain a lot of value... Continue Reading →

Review of Ted’s 800m silver short claim by BoA – new evidence from OCC sheds light on the discussion

Summary: The OCC report does NOT contain gold, as Ted and Bix have claimed all along. Derivative contracts appear like they could be double counted if one of these 4 banks is the lessee and the other is the lessor.... Continue Reading →

Ted Butler’s 800m oz silver BOA short claim – what is he looking at?

I wanted to write this article to help the community get better information by asking more and more questions. Not provide the answer. Often, we see an article like Ted's come out, take it as fact, and spread it all... Continue Reading →

Why did silver get assassinated yesterday on December first? Could CPI be the cause?

I don't know. This is a head scratcher. What I do want to have some fun with here is the pontification as to why. Meaning, I'm going to guess here, so no one should be writing books on this shit.... Continue Reading →

Silver, the shorts, and tying it all together

I'm going to write this to not only answer some questions, but to pose questions to those much more involved in the sector than I. After writing an article that got some attention a month back, I have been flooded... Continue Reading →

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