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IF commodities are money, how does the US fare in a new system?

// TLDR for the squirrels... I have written extensively the past few weeks about commodities. They are fascinating to me - I mostly like the stuff you dig out of the ground, but I've spent a few hours now pouring... Continue Reading →

Why commodities will be the investment of a lifetime the second half of this decade – THE GREAT COMMODITY ROTATION

"Commodities are collateral. Collateral is money" - Zoltan Pozsar (I said it first, in 46,000 words though. He summarized my thoughts more precisely) Brent Johnson has a "milkshake theory" and he's known for that now, for better or worse. You... Continue Reading →

Are commodities money like I had said? Zoltan believes so

I have been saying they are for about two years now - and have gotten quite the push back. "money needs to be FUNGIBLE and DIVISIBLE!". In my video series nearly 2 years ago, I made note of the definition... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Ted article, Happy, and the falling dollar

I read an article by Ted Butler yesterday here. He made a comment which I find completely fascinating, but something I also had noticed and was not able to articulate this well... He first led off with a discussion of... Continue Reading →

Update on Russia’s 5000 rubles for a gram of gold – Part 2

Summary - I look at how 3 things the Fed are doing may be making the value of the DXY go up, but it is missing how the dollar is losing value REAL THINGS, and quickly. I find that there... Continue Reading →

Update on Russia’s 5000 rubles for a gram of gold

As quickly as it came March 25th, it was then quashed just a few weeks later. I had done extensive writing on this, and did two YouTube shows on this. The plan was.... "For Russia to give 5,000 rubles for... Continue Reading →

A new world order – how does that look like in the United States?

I work in technology in senior management. It is a world of constant change, and you must understand the technology coming down the pike or else you will be unemployed. It's a constant "skate to where the puck is going"... Continue Reading →

Why not pay in gold?

Like the meme I created? This is the West, at this moment, when being told to pay in gold. I wanted a short(er) follow up to my piece yesterday which has over 100,000 hits. I added a Q&A section to... Continue Reading →

Why you should be concerned in 2022 – I’m not tin foil hat

Updated 3/24/2022 0319 AM - updates in BOLD I try and talk to some of my friends and they think I'm crazy. I then talk about gold and silver and the lights go out and the eyes glaze over. There's... Continue Reading →

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