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meal prepping

Update to healthy living 35 – More meal prep ideas!

I took off the week of the 4th.  Wanted to write a lot more here, but I was busy - meal prepping.  I think my last count had something like 46 meals.  Took me 3 days to do it, but... Continue Reading →

My vacation – and accountability

Today, I'm doing 67 pounds.  The same as this time last week.  However, I know I have a TON of water retained from the food I was eating, so I may have lost 1-2 pounds. Why is this a big... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 28 – My first garden?

I always thought gardening was for old men wearing old man shorts and black socks pulled up.  Or, at least that's how both of my grandfathers did it.  Both of them had pretty impressive sized gardens, and both were WW2... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 18 – how I plan a day of meals and overnight oatmeal

I'm writing a lot this week because I can.  The wife is at her parent's house in Long Island, New York, and I have a lot of free time.  She kinda sorta hates me writing all of this stuff because... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 14 – first check in, product alerts, and more food updates

My first "check in" with weight was today with the trainer.  I started with her on 11/18 (my birthday) and got the weigh in there.  Today, I was 10.4 pounds less!!  This is including my birthday meal, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! ... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living

I'm going to stop referring to it as "weight loss" and refer to it more as "Healthy Living".  The weight will take care of itself naturally, and I'm not going to beat myself up over the scale this time around.... Continue Reading →

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