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Update to Healthy Living 18 -stocking up on staples…and, is a trainer worth it?

For January, I lost 4 pounds.  I was feeling a little saddened by this, but I also know the scale doesn't tell the full story.  I asked to weigh in on the fancy scale at the gym, some $5,000 scale... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 16 – inspiration

Every year, as New Years rolled around, so did another gimmick fad diet that was doomed to fail.  As I mentioned in early blogs, I've lost weight before.  This time, it's much different than the others.  I used to also... Continue Reading →

The trainer – and learning to swim

I have a long, long history in the weight room, on the practice field, and in the gym.  I love sports and competition.  Despite how well I advanced in baseball, tennis, and even lifting weights at times, I never had... Continue Reading →

Update to healthy living 8 – rest day and “diet”

Getting good, solid information from the internet is tough sometimes.  Think about the studies on eggs over the years.  Or salt.  Salmon is great for you, right!!  Nope, only the wild caught, due to the ratio of omega 3 to... Continue Reading →

Update to healthy living (part 3)

I'm going to intersperse these messages with the usual political diatribe or the occasional ode to the opposite sex.  I'm trying to keep myself accountable while also providing some steps on the journey for anyone who at some point decides... Continue Reading →

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