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BRICS gold-based commodities exchange WILL challenge the USD reserve currency majority

I've been going back and forth with some Milkshake disciples, and I can't answer back in 140 characters. I need to explain the mechanics of this, or my head is going to explode. First and foremost, I do not doubt... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Ted article, Happy, and the falling dollar

I read an article by Ted Butler yesterday here. He made a comment which I find completely fascinating, but something I also had noticed and was not able to articulate this well... He first led off with a discussion of... Continue Reading →

DXY – know thy enemy to understand gold’s next leg up – and how silver gets to $100

Most people reading this from Twitter are learning a lot about PMs as we go. I had 4 years of MBA studies at 3 schools before finishing it (moving has a way of stopping your grad school for some reason)... Continue Reading →

What can happen to silver in the next 13 days? Also – look at the BIG names backing gold and silver now!!

Look, anyone telling you they KNOW where this is going is full of shit. We look at probabilities, history, supply/demand, global politics, the dollar, interest rates, debt - and we all try and make our best long term guesses. Most... Continue Reading →

The relationship between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD

Most people that have been doing this for awhile know there are relationships between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD. Here, I'd like to show you some examples of these relationships and walk those a little newer through... Continue Reading →

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