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Update to Healthy Living 113 – 150 pound loss! | Update to military

"The difference between dreams and goals are timelines and accountability". I heard this quote from Dr. Phil on Rogan last week.  I wanted to use it - not sure if he said it originally, but I needed to give him... Continue Reading →

Update to Military aspirations

Several of you have been asking how this has been going, so I'm going to send an update out.  I also have some coffee flowing, so I'm also going to connect the dots for some of you who think I'm... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 102 -progress and stupid calorie math | motivation | military

This past month's weigh in was slightly disappointing, but I wanted to put it in context.  I ended up about a half a pound less. I watch a guy on YouTube at times named Alan Roberts, and he does "Every... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 90 – getting in awesome shape and military options part 2

It seems when I veer off of keto for 2-3 days, I gain 12 pounds, and then it takes 1 week or so to take the weight back off.  I've done this like 3 times since Christmas.  The most recent... Continue Reading →

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