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Are commodities money like I had said? Zoltan believes so

I have been saying they are for about two years now - and have gotten quite the push back. "money needs to be FUNGIBLE and DIVISIBLE!". In my video series nearly 2 years ago, I made note of the definition... Continue Reading →

Fractional Reserves and gold backing – oil or dollars?

BLUF (bottom line up from for the squirrels): I look at how I believe the mistake of "sound money" may be pegging cash to gold. I believe gold is real money and should be pegged/fixed to energy. I believe cash... Continue Reading →

What would a BRICS commodity-backed currency look like?

I am seeing more and more posts on how a BRICS commodity-backed currency isn't possible. I mean, I don't think anyone really gives it 10 seconds of thought. It's like, "can't be done", and on they go with their day.... Continue Reading →

The dollar’s inevitable death

I'm writing this on the heels of my Tweet this morning on vacation about Ghana and using gold to buy oil. Brent Johnson has been doing some of his normal talk about how he's right and we're wrong, and I... Continue Reading →

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