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Movie Review – “Planet of the Humans” misses the mark, tree hugger documentary

I don't do a lot of movie reviews, but this was recommended by one of the silver guys I watch, David Morgan. Here is how you can watch it, for free:   Summary: What is it?  It's a movie... Continue Reading →

Using colors for telecommunication?

I get inspired by a lot of different things, and I drift into a sort of meditation going through things in my head.  In this case, this is something I came up with about 5 years ago, but it's been... Continue Reading →

How are we driven to succeed? How does self image define your success?

I believe I was about 7 in the pic above.  Wait until you hear what was in the mind of this 7 year old, and how it made me who I was....both the good and the bad. On one of... Continue Reading →

Teleportation – how can it be done?

I live in the northeast portion of the United States.  For my international readers, it's where a LOT of our population lives who does not live in California, Texas, or Florida.  You have large cities along a highway called I-95. ... Continue Reading →

How to colonize Mars

I read an article today that IFL science posted, you can find it here.  I thought it was fun, but there's so much else I would add to it.  I've been obsessed all day thinking about how I'd do it,... Continue Reading →

Bucket list of knowledge

I've dedicated a lot of my life to learning new things.  It's sort of the definition of my job.  I have a real passion for learning.  I don't like testing so much, but just sitting back, listening....and comprehending all of... Continue Reading →

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