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What was it like to be Doogie Howser?

Well - first, I was not a 16 year old doctor.  I was, however, an 11 year old taking a college class.  That's about where the parallels stop 🙂 To be more  precise, I was an 11 year old taking... Continue Reading →

Two move checkmate

I promised to have a lot of variety on this blog, and I wanted to introduce you to a two move checkmate.  Above, you can see where I was playing black against the computer.  I beat the computer in 7... Continue Reading →

Hobbies: Model cars

I was just speaking with a friend a few weeks back about how music can sometimes take me to places.  There might be 50-100 songs out there which have sort of a time capsule affect on me.  When I hear... Continue Reading →

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