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December 2019

What to do in an emergency situation Part 5 – Rebuilding phase

It's been months.  Perhaps years.  You know the crisis is coming to an end because you have regularly been seeing the U.S. Army vehicles out on the roads.  Rumor has it the power grid is going to be back up... Continue Reading →

Why I’m troubled by the financial outlook

I think people who are close to me think I'm doom and gloom these days.  Far from it!! That being said, I've seen things the last few months that have troubled me.  Regarding my background, I do have an MBA... Continue Reading →

Part 4 – What to do in a survival situation – survival in the raw

We have covered how to build your dream team and dealt a lot with how you ended up getting to a rally point base camp with another group of dream teams.  Congrats!  You didn't die in the first few weeks... Continue Reading →

What to do in an emergency situation part 3 – daily life

At this stage of the crisis, I'm going to suggest we're 1-8 weeks in.  One of my buddies who was in the military made mention that even during times of crisis in other countries, that their cash was good.  I... Continue Reading →

What to do in an emergency situation part 2 – securing your location

Over the years, some of my buddies have espoused Alex Jones and Infowars - and yes, the tinfoil hat brigade was on high alert.  The talks of counter-coups and the deep state.  Some of that might now be more mainstream... Continue Reading →

Banning knives – the threat is real

People all across the U.S. wake up every day fearing gun violence.  They MUST change the laws to prevent all of this senseless death.  There are two sides to this argument: Guns kill people.  By removing all guns, you will... Continue Reading →

What to do in an emergency situation Part 1 – Building your zombie apocalypse team

I'm going to put together a series here on what to do during emergency situations.  Some feel there's a massive recession to hit us in 2020, and if that isn't bad enough, you have North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, and... Continue Reading →

Signs of a poor economy ahead – what can you do?

The last few posts I wrote about stashing some silver - there's reasons for these writings I've recently shared with my friends on Facebook, but that won't travel here.  I'm seeing some patterns I don't particularly like that trouble me. ... Continue Reading →

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