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Kinesis Money: Part 1 – what is Kinesis Money and why you need to buy it

Disclaimer - this is NOT a paid piece. However, I will link my referral code below in case I have interested you in Kinesis and want to sign up. Referral codes will help me support the page and YouTube... Continue Reading →

The pin that pops the bubble – and why gold and silver are THE money for the 21st century

I'm going to do a video on my channel over this over lunch today if you want a deeper analysis, but for now, I wanted to collect some thoughts here to let you know what the "event" is going to... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin vs gold vs….Kinesis?

Disclaimer – I am long silver/miners and have a small position in a gold/silver/BTC/ETH backed crypto called Kinesis. The intention of this writing is NOT for investment purposes – but for education and discussion purposes. I am not a paid promoter of Kinesis,... Continue Reading →

Why I’m all in on gold and silver – and miners

I'm going to credit a Twitter friend for inspiring me to create the graph below. However, it was Mike Maloney's hidden secrets of money which scared the absolute hell out of me that gave a backbone to it. What Mike... Continue Reading →

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