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Are commodities money like I had said? Zoltan believes so

I have been saying they are for about two years now - and have gotten quite the push back. "money needs to be FUNGIBLE and DIVISIBLE!". In my video series nearly 2 years ago, I made note of the definition... Continue Reading →

Prepare to be a Bitcoin millionaire – if you understand this concept

By Nathan Fisher - MS Cybersecurity, MBA CISSP, PMP, MCSE, MCSA, MCTS-SCCM, Sec+, Network+, Server+, A+, MCP Bitcoin is not money. There, I said it. Now go get rich. The good news, is you're still probably going to be stupid... Continue Reading →

Financial energy stores of wealth – furthering the case with “jewels” of “financial energy” to be stored in a “financial battery”

Many people might have to bookmark the last 3 or so blogs I've written within this subject. This is a whole different way to look at money, and it may save your life if what I think is coming is... Continue Reading →

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