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Still expecting sector rotation…..

My life the last month has been crazy busy, so not a ton going on here and on Twitter. I have a "real job" outside of all of this that has had me pulling 10-11 hour days for weeks on... Continue Reading →

My take on gold and miners on 4/23

I wanted to write a moderate sized piece here with my thoughts that isn't a 35 part Tweet, but also not one of my biblical in size blog posts. I have told everyone that Options Expiration is Tuesday, April 26th... Continue Reading →

Gold charts you MUST see for this week coming up

I have written about some of these before, but with maybe 2000 more Twitter followers since then and perhaps a real gold bull starting this coming week or so, it might be time to review what it is I'm looking... Continue Reading →

Did the Russians just back the ruble to gold? A timeline of how we got here and where we go next

Edit 3/29 0500 - Adding graphic here so people can follow as to what this COULD look like IF Russia announces a price for gold in grams of oil. I had read where existing contracts are expiring. EU refusing to... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Don Durrett’s goldstockdata, metals Options Expiration, Gold for oil, nickel

Don Durrett's I'm not a mining stock expert - but I would consider myself a jedi in training that has devoted 2.5 years of his life and every waking moment to understanding the metals and mining better. To me,... Continue Reading →

My 4AM review of mining stocks – what I’m looking at

I'm going to go through my process quick of some of the stocks I look through with the NateFolio at 4AM. Going to go through a few items, not all. Step 1 - go through all lists and determine charts... Continue Reading →

You have to listen to Don Durrett’s latest interview on Palisades

I love listening to Don on the shows. One thing I like about him is he's an ideas guy. Many of the other guys you listen on the shows are fund managers, wall street pros, etc. Don has an IT... Continue Reading →

Secrets of precious metals equity investing I did not know 2 years ago – how to identify and make money in a bull market trading PM equities

I'm not a professional trader and this isn't advice. I have fielded a LOT of questions from some of you over time and I try pointing you to pros that I learned from. What I wanted to do here was... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Canada, WTF? Miner shares and how they work against metals, COMEX EFPs and hiding physical silver demand

Canada - WTF? I've been to see you twice. You were so beautiful. Your Toronto streets were amazingly clean. Your people are friendly. I so want to come back to visit you and explore your wilderness, fishing, and mines. But... Continue Reading →

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