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Silver shorts – Inverse head and shoulders, inflation and empty shelves, long term call options

Some have brought up the inverse head and shoulders forming a few weeks ago, but now I wanted to show it seems to be popping up on a lot of charts I'm looking it. It's pretty clear on the gold... Continue Reading →

Time has run out – storm clouds are here! 20 macro reasons we are in for a bad month or two | Quick note on uranium

Edit: I wrote this in pieces the last 2 days. Wouldn't you know we close up 261 on the dow. Step back from the daily close and whatever narrative the muppets on CNBC tell you to take stock in your... Continue Reading →

What can happen to silver in the next 13 days? Also – look at the BIG names backing gold and silver now!!

Look, anyone telling you they KNOW where this is going is full of shit. We look at probabilities, history, supply/demand, global politics, the dollar, interest rates, debt - and we all try and make our best long term guesses. Most... Continue Reading →

Understanding Michael Oliver’s momentum structures compared to arcs in TA with Kevin Wadsworth – gold to break out any week now

Warning. Math concepts in here. This is a supplemental writing to help people understand the bigger picture, for those that read DD and research. With gold to break out with this analysis, by proxy, it should take silver with it.... Continue Reading →

Metals outlook – Michael Oliver vs David Hunter

I wanted to more or less summarize what I see from both of these individuals so most can get an overview about how this all can shake out. I am a blogger and financial writer, and not a market professional... Continue Reading →

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