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Silver Shorts – Kinesis an integral part of surviving a dystopian endgame

Someone recently asked me about my thoughts on Kinesis, and I promised a blog. I'll keep this one relatively brief, as some of you know I can really go on a tear with words. This is a "short" for me.... Continue Reading →

Solar Panels – part 6: Installed and ready to go!

For security reasons, I don't plan on sharing pictures of my house here, but I will let you know that 3 weeks ago, they came and installed the 2 Tesla powerwalls inside of my garage. About a week ago, they... Continue Reading →

How high can silver go? Let’s look at two scenarios

Really - it depends on your time frame. Why? Consider your "2% inflation" yearly compounding over 100 years where gold was $20 a hundred years ago, now it is touching on 100x that. In another 100 years, could gold be... Continue Reading →

Forecasting 4 different scenarios and their impact on gold and silver prices – streamers big winners? Katusa for Prime Minister?

Bottom line up front: I feel we are at a 50% chance of going into hyper inflation and with this, I feel the streamers might perform the best over the next few years. I'd like to start this by saying... Continue Reading →

How to buy silver – for the absolute noob

I have discussed in 40 or so blogs here WHY silver is good to go after. But, let's now assume you agree that I'm correct and want to get in on the action. What to buy? How much? Where? Should... Continue Reading →

My concerns with the booming economy – reasons for panic, hope, and hedging | Bonus with new gold currency?

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, nor should anything I say below be misconstrued as financial advice.  While I have an MBA, my focus was on managerial studies.  I did have finance and economic classes, but that was not my... Continue Reading →

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