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Silver Shorts – Using ratio charts and statistical process control to understand if your favorite mining stock is undervalued or overvalued

This is something quick I'm whipping up to get the Excel and idea to paper. I had a background in quality control in IT services, and I had remembered statistical process control I had used for a bit 20 years... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – is it Gold FOMO time or the real deal?

This one has bothered me the last two days. I think it's "the real deal" this time, but I think we all saw what happened with Ukraine and the fear play. Gold skyrocketed, the miners followed. Then - everything seemed... Continue Reading →

The money bombers are on the runway – are we soon ready to buy the gold majors?

NOTE: DO NOT read this and say, "Nate is calling for $3000 gold, let me take my kid's college fund and put it into GDX. This article is that by observing the latest banking issues, it appears that the Fed... Continue Reading →

Is now a good time to look at miners again?

As usual, this is not financial advice - merely to educate you on what I'm seeing. I'll look at the con side first, and then show you why I jumped in bigly last week with a trade, and how I... Continue Reading →

Rally Cry for Gold and Silver – you need to read if you are dejected

So my life became more complicated a few months ago and a lot of my free time has been disappeared into nothingness. It's ok, I'm not missing a ton anyhow, except a daily drubbing on my trading account. Lots less... Continue Reading →

How I’m playing the next silver beat down and recovery

Disclaimer - this is NOT financial advice. I am trying to show you some research and due diligence I have done over the last 8 months or so to make nice gains on some trades. This is MY research and... Continue Reading →

John Feneck delivers master class in buying and selling mining stocks – here are the cliff notes!

I just put out a piece on buying and selling mining stocks for the rookie, and as I hit "publish", an hour later I'm doing a drop ceiling in my basement and click through YouTube and see Palisades released a... Continue Reading →

Still ape$*&% about GDX – why?

The most hated sector right now might be precious metals. All time highs daily in the markets. Crypto making a rebound. And there is a pet rock. Luckily, my pet rock has been money for 5,000 years and don't look... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here with gold and silver?

I'm not going to bust out charts to point to some sort of divergences today. There are far better people for that, but I do have a GDX and SILJ to at least consider. What I wanted to do was... Continue Reading →

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