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David Hunter

Could they let it burn? A contrarian look at why rates may actually go up and fed balance sheet may go down

As metals people, we are already contrarians. Right now, I'm seeing lots of comments like: "The fed is trapped!""They can't let rates go up!""Once the hikes start, they have to reverse course!" I don't really disagree with much of the... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Inverse head and shoulders, inflation and empty shelves, long term call options

Some have brought up the inverse head and shoulders forming a few weeks ago, but now I wanted to show it seems to be popping up on a lot of charts I'm looking it. It's pretty clear on the gold... Continue Reading →

Metals outlook – Michael Oliver vs David Hunter

I wanted to more or less summarize what I see from both of these individuals so most can get an overview about how this all can shake out. I am a blogger and financial writer, and not a market professional... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – 4/22: silver going to tank, bitcoin debate, investment risk, David Hunter terrifying me yet again

"Make money and people will like you. Make other people money and they will love you". Going to get hate mail on this, but catchy headline, huh? Most people look at this stuff from a very frenetic standpoint. Silver down... Continue Reading →

The perfect storm – and how gold and silver might actually trigger the great reset

Note: This is not financial advice.  I’m not a financial advisor and I’m wrong 100% of the time.  Investments are risky and nothing mentioned here should be considered financial advice.  Invest at your own risk. I'm going to lay out... Continue Reading →

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