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Important charts to understand with where we are and where we are going – a look at ratios I follow and how this shapes my sentiment

1:10 AM, the eyeballs opened up. It's now 2:34 and halfway through the pot of coffee. Charts opened everywhere. "Hey - maybe people might find it interesting how I see ratios and how these can impact where we are going".... Continue Reading →

My 4AM review of mining stocks – what I’m looking at

I'm going to go through my process quick of some of the stocks I look through with the NateFolio at 4AM. Going to go through a few items, not all. Step 1 - go through all lists and determine charts... Continue Reading →

Where are the sellers?

I have to be honest - I was in 60% cash for like 3 weeks on lots of worries about Chinese real estate. Those problems will get here, eventually, and we may face other oddities like the debt ceiling and... Continue Reading →

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