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The dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

I have written about this topic a few times, but as time has gone on, I've seen more of it in the news. I think I wanted to weigh in here with some fresh takes on this, and combine it... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – How are gold and bitcoin valued? You might be VERY surprised with this analysis.

I saw someone I like and respect do a video recently about how bitcoin may not have intrinsic value, but neither does anything else - including gold. It got my wheels spinning to the point where I thought about it... Continue Reading →

Why I hate bitcoin as a gold bull?

Don Durrett just asked this on Twitter. I'd like to first start off and classify my feelings... Laser eyes and Saylor level investment in bitcoin - this is cult-like behavior that, as part of the business model needs to get... Continue Reading →

Gold’s 10 year window

I posted this Tweet early yesterday morning on my way to work and man....I got a ton of comments about gold's 10 year window of investment. Here's the Tweet: It then got a lot of RT and bitcoin guys seems... Continue Reading →

The FIVE risks of bitcoin that need to be looked at

I have friends and family involved with bitcoin. As an investor, I have things I love to invest in - like silver and gold miners, and other things I don't have interest in that I more or less stay away... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking the gold hypothesis – why aren’t we at $2500 yet?

Sentiment is in the dumps. I get it. Lots of people crowded in at $2000 last year and now they feel like bag holders. Well, the good news is this. You should be just fine. The bad news is no... Continue Reading →

Why you are being forced to speculate on BTC – and understanding why BTC is a speculation and why that isn’t a bad thing

Before I get hate mail, please hear me out as my intention here is to help you, not mock you. I feel there is a grave misunderstanding of what bitcoin is, and what it is not, and my reason for... Continue Reading →

What the bitcoiners (and crypto investors) get right and terribly wrong at the same time

(updated 10/30 0600) I initially quickly wrote this up on a lunch break but wanted to add a little more. This article was inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter this morning while caring for a sick child napping... Continue Reading →

Is gold no longer an inflation hedge? My response to David Lin at Kitco

David - you posted the below Tweet the other day and you were, in a sense, asking a question. If you peek at the comments, the gold people didn't seem happy. I'm going to take a different approach and challenge... Continue Reading →

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