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Why I hate bitcoin as a gold bull?

Don Durrett just asked this on Twitter. I'd like to first start off and classify my feelings... Laser eyes and Saylor level investment in bitcoin - this is cult-like behavior that, as part of the business model needs to get... Continue Reading →

Gold’s 10 year window

I posted this Tweet early yesterday morning on my way to work and man....I got a ton of comments about gold's 10 year window of investment. Here's the Tweet: It then got a lot of RT and bitcoin guys seems... Continue Reading →

The FIVE risks of bitcoin that need to be looked at

I have friends and family involved with bitcoin. As an investor, I have things I love to invest in - like silver and gold miners, and other things I don't have interest in that I more or less stay away... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking the gold hypothesis – why aren’t we at $2500 yet?

Sentiment is in the dumps. I get it. Lots of people crowded in at $2000 last year and now they feel like bag holders. Well, the good news is this. You should be just fine. The bad news is no... Continue Reading →

Why you are being forced to speculate on BTC – and understanding why BTC is a speculation and why that isn’t a bad thing

Before I get hate mail, please hear me out as my intention here is to help you, not mock you. I feel there is a grave misunderstanding of what bitcoin is, and what it is not, and my reason for... Continue Reading →

What the bitcoiners (and crypto investors) get right and terribly wrong at the same time

(updated 10/30 0600) I initially quickly wrote this up on a lunch break but wanted to add a little more. This article was inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter this morning while caring for a sick child napping... Continue Reading →

Is gold no longer an inflation hedge? My response to David Lin at Kitco

David - you posted the below Tweet the other day and you were, in a sense, asking a question. If you peek at the comments, the gold people didn't seem happy. I'm going to take a different approach and challenge... Continue Reading →

Kinesis Money – honest review: Incredible company promise with some growing pains being worked on

Many people who are in to crypto like the way that the government seems not to be able to be in control of their money. They like the concept of cutting bankers out of the equation and directly paying someone... Continue Reading →

Not all cryptos are created equal – what about the Theta tokens or cryptos that “do” something?

I just received a comment on a previous post I wanted to address in a blog post, since the reply would be long and there's a lot of good stuff I can pack into a post. First - the setup.... Continue Reading →

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