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The FIVE risks of bitcoin that need to be looked at

I have friends and family involved with bitcoin. As an investor, I have things I love to invest in - like silver and gold miners, and other things I don't have interest in that I more or less stay away... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts week of 5/25 – Ted Butler on short position, silver options expiration, Marin Katusa, Jim Rickards saying 100m oz silver mistake “these things happen”, tether to take all cryptos down?

Part of what I try to do with these is try and bring you some highlights and analysis of what's going on in the resource investment realm. Many of you don't have the time to listen to these interviews that... Continue Reading →

Silver is still on the squeeze path, markets looking “toppy”, Deso and crypto, the collapse, launching YouTube channel?

Silver is still on with the squeeze. It never stopped. Updated the silver squeeze metrics here to show you all is VERY well. I got hate mail. "Nate, you said x. It didn't happen." I'm extremely careful with my wording.... Continue Reading →

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