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Silver shorts: Jeff Clark and Don Durrett give 10-bagger picks!

Here is where you can listen to the Don interview. Jeff can be found here. What I found interesting was that Don is picking producers and developers (assuming higher metals prices) and Jeff is picking drill stories (using current prices... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts week of 7-19: takedown of silver, David Hunter’s crystal ball, sentiment index, silver futures and Jim Hunter, metrics dashboard, and coming reversal?

Edit: Since writing this early this morning, I just hit refresh and saw the cliff dive of the metals again. Looks like 2% pull back in the markets is too much to handle in a day before the Invisible Hand... Continue Reading →

The true price of silver – and what about those pesky spikes?

I believe the true price of silver, now, is $50-$125. For now. And it will be soon. A reader tipped me off to GoldSilver's recent article about the length of price spikes of silver. I love reading everything that Jeff... Continue Reading →

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