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Investment idea – shorting PMs to hedge miners

First - this is NOT investment advice. If something like this sounds of interest to you, please contact a licensed professional. I am not a professional trader, nor have I ever claimed to be. Be careful shorting anything! I first... Continue Reading →

Why be short gold and silver this weekend? I explain why it was considered

Note - this is MOST CERTAINLY not trading advice. It is IMPORTANT to note I use PMs to hedge my real estate positions. I have vaulted physical, lots of miners, and use the paper game recently to play moves up... Continue Reading →

The case for and against silver – at this moment

TLDR - my weather forecast has cloudy overnight with strong chance of torrential showers with a sunny sky tomorrow with rainbows. Bring your umbrella to be certain. Like many others, I'm stupid crazy bullish silver, but over the last few... Continue Reading →

What will the price of silver be on OpEx?

$21. There, end of article 🙂 Of course it's not the end, but too damn many of you are squirrels and goldfish. So, the above is the BLUF. What I wanted to do in this article is teach you how... Continue Reading →

Some pitfalls with overnight Futures trading Silver – early data analysis, how to profit, and 14 lessons learned quickly

So I wrote a note about an experiment I was doing based off of this chart... I wanted to put this out there QUICKLY before people just blindly follow me - despite me begging you not to. I'm running an... Continue Reading →

So I set up a futures account to test a theory – here’s how it went

My my brokerage that I have my long term in investments with, I was able to request permission for a futures account. I already have a margin account, and options ability - so I think these places need you to... Continue Reading →

The coming silver COMEX debacle – anyone can see this coming a mile away

I wanted to write this to capture my logic here after a spirited discussion last night. I want people to understand my frustration with not being understood to a clearer degree, as the Twitter 140 or so character limit doesn't... Continue Reading →

How do I see metals options expiration playing out this month? Is BoA’s leased metals a factor here?

I might be on a show this week to discuss this, and I wanted to put out some full analysis ahead of this in order to have my thinking explained with visuals. I'm a kind of guy on these shows... Continue Reading →

How much could silver be smashed by October 28th?

If you are someone who just buys miners for a 3+ year hold, you aren't going to care about the daily gyrations of the prices of metals. This article may not be for you. I have several tiers of investments.... Continue Reading →

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