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Does gold store energy? I think not – let’s take a look at what it actually DOES store!

I had recently seen a post relating to Steve St Angelo's talks in the past about gold storing energy. He got me thinking about this a few years ago. Like, deep thinking stuff. I tried working it out in my... Continue Reading →

IF commodities are money, how does the US fare in a new system?

// TLDR for the squirrels... I have written extensively the past few weeks about commodities. They are fascinating to me - I mostly like the stuff you dig out of the ground, but I've spent a few hours now pouring... Continue Reading →

Energy discussion on Palisades spaces – part 1

I wanted to make some commentary on this discussion for you, the reader, on this - and then piece together some ideas I have about this. First, Steve St. Angelo was a big part of this discussion, from what I... Continue Reading →

Why you should be concerned in 2022 – I’m not tin foil hat

Updated 3/24/2022 0319 AM - updates in BOLD I try and talk to some of my friends and they think I'm crazy. I then talk about gold and silver and the lights go out and the eyes glaze over. There's... Continue Reading →

How could higher energy prices affect PMs and stocks?

While we might KNOW the answer to this question, I kind of wanted to put some of the numbers out there for some of the newer investors to the sector. I have done two Palisades interviews, and for the most... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts: are we going to run out of silver?

NO! Ok. End of article, we can wrap it up here. Wait. Maybe we should dig into this more. Nate, how can you call for $100 silver and NOT think we will run out? Well - let's look into that... Continue Reading →

Solar Panels part 5 – decision is in

You might be surprised that I went with the most expensive option I had - but the solution provided was also way more than I needed and works with a price point for me where I feel I will make... Continue Reading →

Solar panel series – Part 3 – Solar is a shady, shady, shady business. However, this can score me a FREE $139,300.

Look, I don't want to lump everyone into solar being shady. I LIKE what's being offered. I just am quickly running into a brick wall of a problem: transparency. Buyer....beware....big time. Ask questions. Ask a lot of them. Ask more.... Continue Reading →

Are we making a difference with #silversqueeze? Steve St. Angelo and energy usage in metal production – my theory

I write a lot of these things at 4AM when I'm up with my son early. Coffee gets me moving!! See my entry from early this morning... In my "day job" over the years, I do something called "metrics". I... Continue Reading →

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