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Why I’m particularly bearish on the markets – this specific month

I'm somewhat of a permabear for markets, but it's nothing personal. I have been long certain stocks with the inflation trade of out 2020 and made a few bucks. But my "permabear" status comes from a LOT of things, and... Continue Reading →

Is the housing market dead? I take a look at both long and short sides of this trade through the eyes of builders

This is not licensed financial advice. This is the observations and musings of some dude on the internet with graduate degrees who likes to share his research with his closest 6,000 friends. I spent a few days putting this together,... Continue Reading →

My 2023 macro forecast

I made a ton of good calls for 2022, which I will highlight below quickly before getting into my 2023 view. I wanted to do this to get my thoughts down on paper so I'm on record. Unlike some out... Continue Reading →

Transitory deflation – a look at how the deflationists could be very right. Very soon. Debt bomb incoming.

Two years ago, I knew of none of this. I have spent hours a day for the better part of 21 months now tirelessly researching all of this stuff when I fell down the repo black hole in September 2019.... Continue Reading →

What our future looks like

The picture above is not a cue for me to speak about basketball.  Rather, it is being "posterized".  This is when you completely dominate a game and dunk over someone so badly that you wind up on a poster.  It's... Continue Reading →

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