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Kinesis even FURTHER de-risking. Yes, I’m getting ready to run through walls like the Kool Aid man….

I have written here extensively about Kinesis, and I'm toying with doing a video this week for newer people out there to introduce them to what this is, what it is not, and how I intend to use it. There's... Continue Reading →

Kinesis metals holdings as part of a LAYERED approach – a USE CASE for Kinesis Monetary System

If you appreciate what I'm writing here and are considering joining Kinesis for a LAYERED PM portfolio, you can use my referral link here. Someday, it may buy me a newspaper 🙂 As a "Kinesis shill" (as I and others... Continue Reading →

Further De-Risking Kinesis – taking massive steps forward with KAG/KAU and going concern

I have written a few pieces with CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms of Kinesis. In my last one, I had a laundry list of some things I was hoping they would address. 90% of them, they have within the last two weeks, and... Continue Reading →

More bullish on Kinesis than ever!

On Weds night, US time, Kinesis had a spaces conversation in AMA format. I'm going to reiterate my stance and discuss my conclusions with these attacks. I have some more constructive feedback for the Kinesis team I will write about... Continue Reading →

What is Kinesis in relation to gold and silver, and what role will it play in the new BRICS+ world ahead?

My Kinesis referral link is here. Please sign up to Kinesis after this if you feel this is something for you! I have tried to tell some of my friends what Kinesis is, and with the current state of crypto... Continue Reading →

Kinesis as the next gold standard? KVTs the next bitcoin? The definitive technological reasons to look at Kinesis Monetary System

This post will have haters and lovers. All I'm asking for is for you to hear me out. In this, I plan on laying out the macro underlying conditions to look at gold and combine this with the technology adaptation... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Kinesis an integral part of surviving a dystopian endgame

Someone recently asked me about my thoughts on Kinesis, and I promised a blog. I'll keep this one relatively brief, as some of you know I can really go on a tear with words. This is a "short" for me.... Continue Reading →

Kinesis Money – honest review: Incredible company promise with some growing pains being worked on

Many people who are in to crypto like the way that the government seems not to be able to be in control of their money. They like the concept of cutting bankers out of the equation and directly paying someone... Continue Reading →

Kinesis Money Part 3: Minting, holding, and why I believe Kinesis can replace the COMEX and traditional vaulting

Disclaimer - I am now more invested in Kinesis than the last time I wrote, as I've been moving some physical metals to Kinesis to buy KVT and mint silver. I am LONG Kinesis. However, this is NOT a paid... Continue Reading →

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