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Interference in elections – the naked truth

So what has basically come to be known as fact is: Russia attempted to interfere in our election process.   I want you to parse this statement carefully, and really think hard about what this is...and what this is not... Continue Reading →

“Left was for morality, Right was for survival”

I read this in an article yesterday, and it was pretty profound. There's a lot of anger out there from my left friends.  A lot of anxiety.  A lot of stress.  Sadness.  Anger even.  If you haven't seen the Jonathan... Continue Reading →

30 reasons I’m voting for Trump

In previous elections, there are undertones as to what drives the vote.  In 2004, Bush’s buddy Karl Rove tried to scare evangelicals about gay marriage, and the result was voting by the busloads.  In 2008, it was health care, hope,... Continue Reading →

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