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Sunday Morning Politics – Why did I switch to the Republican Party?

This is something you have to whisper today, as there is so much hate out there it's hard to just be yourself. I've always been moderate, tilting to the left.  Why? Gay rights.  I have a family member who is... Continue Reading →

Gates, Guns, and Guards – an application of modern security theory

The title of this post is essentially the first 3 elements you hear in any security class.  I should know, I have a minor in physical security, have a master's in cybersecurity, have two advanced IT security certifications, and have... Continue Reading →

An in-depth look at illegal immigration in the United States

    First, I am a Donald Trump supporter this year and previously have voted for Obama (twice) and Kerry.  I became hardened for Trump almost immediately after I heard the media response to his announcement speech. Essentially, Donald said... Continue Reading →

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