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When I was very young, I had an interest in rocks. My 4th grade science project had to do with rocks and geologic formations. A few years earlier, I had gone with my parent’s to a family friend’s house who was a rock hound. Had thousands of amazing rocks all over, and put together a box for me. 39 years later, it’s still one of my most prized possessions.

I spent countless hours as a small child looking for gold. I was able to find a decent amount of pyrite! Anyway, I loved earth and space science – but my strengths were more towards math and the law, and this was just something I wanted to BE around, not do for a living. I had books that had pictures like the one above. I used to play with mining trucks in my mom’s flower bed.

At the same time, I used to get silver pieces from my grandparents for holidays – the most memorable was the 1986 statue of liberty half ounce piece. I used to spend hours on the weekends at my dad’s parents sorting through tons of change. I was looking for mercury dimes, buffalo nickels, indian head pennies, and wheat pennies. Also – pre 1965 dimes/quarters. I’d find a decent amount, and they’d let me add some to my coin collection. That’s probably 1981-84ish.

My dad was the self-described “coin king” in 1980 for people to buy silver off of him. Good thing he published our address in the local paper for business for us to get robbed. So, yeah, I don’t have much of the precious here, but prefer vaulting for those reasons.

My mom was a 16 year old foreign exchange student to Peru in 1969 who loved to travel. She’d talk about Machu Pichu and the silver she brought home. Unfortunately, 2 years ago I inherited it. It’s only like 4 oz total, but I’ll never sell this.

So when I was 20, I was broke – I sold my coin collection to buy Christmas presents for people that year. Kind of broke my heart. To this day, Christmas has an ill place in my heart for the commercialism it had become, and because of this, I traded away something of extreme value to me to buy cheap and unmeaningful temporary gifts to others they thought nothing of.

That turned me away from PMs for quite some time, forgot all I knew. Then in September of 2019 the repo market broke. In one of my grad school classes in like 2003, we had spent some time talking about it – and I knew this was bad.

About a year earlier, I had inherited a Peace dollar and a roll of silver dimes from my grandfather. I took them to a coin shop to “get bullion” and the guy told me to keep them – then I looked around and fell in love for a second time in my life with PMs – this time I had the means to buy some of them 🙂

I like to have a little around the house in case things go south, but I like Kinesis for the promise of what it is, and my investment passion is in silver/gold miners.

I now am the crazy silver guy in the family and give silver out as gifts to everyone. I’m that guy. I’m a silver bug first, gold bug second.