Talk to any Democrat, and they HATE president Trump.  I mean HATE him.  Talk to any Republican, and Obama was the devil.

Our country is fractured, and it’s not getting any better.  In order to solve this problem, I feel people need to understand what exactly it is.  I feel a great level of sadness for our country.  I have a lot of international readers on this blog, and I’d like to convey to them that we aren’t a special level of crazy they read about.  Maybe a little.  But the thought occurred to me yesterday that the problems we have today continue to escalate rather than to heal.

So what is the problem?

I remember in Jr. High reading about Machiavelli.  This guy is famous for “the ends justify the means”.  What exactly does this mean?

The ends (result) is ALL that matters, no matter HOW (the means) that you do it.

In politics today, we are witnessing the most Machiavellian time we have ever had – by a lot.

For me, I used to live partially like this.  I was results-oriented.  I stepped on toes.  I broke kneecaps, so to speak.  I’m not proud of it.  But sometimes we have to step up in order to get where we need to be.  I look back on choices I’ve made at times and have guilt.  At least that’s how I know I’m not a sociopath – where many who run wall street are associated with this characteristic.  So are criminals.  People who do things, perhaps criminal acts, to get an end result, regardless of who they hurt along the way.  So – there is a very big sliding scale here….

Legal acts and feelings of guilt VS Illegal acts and no feelings of remorse

So there is a spectrum those of us who are not sociopaths can exist on in order to achieve very big things.

IRS scandal

Now that all of that is being said, my first flirtation out of the middle-left to the right was the IRS scandal.  I am an atheist, but that is my personal choice.  I just wish to not be persecuted for having an absence of belief.  I have made fun of religion over the years, at times, but the levity was how I’d try and make points when someone tried to recruit me.  I feel mostly passionate about leaving people the hell alone.  With the IRS scandal, you essentially had the left-ruling government put all kinds of barriers in place to prevent/delay right-leaning charities/non-profits from existing.  Then, mysteriously, everyone’s hard drive had crashed and no backups of emails existed.

My whole life, I had allied myself with the left.  I was HORRIFIED that a ruling political party would leverage their power to then affect political outcomes.  THIS was the moment I began to listen to friends on the right.  Items reported in the mainstream media made no sense.  As a person who works in IT, this stunk all to high hell.

Let’s ensure that we can starve the right-leaning groups of legitimacy and ability to operate – if we choke the infrastructure of their fundraising for 2012, Obama may have an advantage in fundraising and mobilization.  The ends justify the means.


As I’m finding out, the big problem with this country’s healthcare system is what we are feeding our people is slowly poisoning them – and over 10+ years, people are getting sicker.  This is then causing most people to have very expensive treatments and medications.  This drives insurance up for everyone.  I think the thought of Obamacare was partially coming from the left’s spirit of caring for people – but ended up with a stink of government mandate to purchase insurance many people couldn’t afford.  Then, if you didn’t buy insurance, there were penalties from the IRS that escalated.  The true means of fixing this problem is by addressing our food – and the government essentially stepped in to then push a mandate on everyone.  This was the straw that pushed me away from the left to middle.

This might cost a LOT of people a lot of money, but we can say we now have socialist national healthcare and cover everyone.  The ends justify the means.

Political correctness

Because the messaging on the left was bothering me a bit, I wanted to hear other peoples’ thoughts on the subjects of today.  Here’s the problem I ran into.  If you do not agree with the message of the left, your life essentially gets ruined.  Look at how people on the right tried to speak at universities, and look at the violence that ensued by groups attempting to silence dissent.  It’s fucking horrifying.  Items I voted WITH the left on, suddenly were too radical on the right ad xenophobic – for example, the border wall.  In 2006, this was a bipartisan bill and 700 miles were constructed.  Today, it’s called racist and xenophobic.  Sorry, I feel the same way I did 12 years ago – that illegal immigration costs us $100 billion per year and we have a right to screen who comes in to this country.  I get no arguments from the left other than it’s not humane and calling me names.  It’s the equivalent of going to a court house and taking down ALL security measures.  You reason that 99% of the people that come in to the court house are good people, so no need to screen for that 1% of bad people.  Someone gets shot.  We then say, “let’s screen for weapons because there are targets there that might get hurt”.  The left response is, “everyone should be able to come in, unfettered, because you will offend those 99% that are good people”.

In today’s age, there essentially is policy being written based on how offended a class of people are.  I’d like to debate you, and you’d like to tell me how offended you are and that I’m mean.  You shout down my arguments.  You don’t realize these are leftist arguments from 12 years ago.  Or, you do, and someone has told you that your opinion offends a class of people and you are not permitted to think it.

So – we shout people down.

Let’s continue to get illegal people into this country at a rate of millions.  Let’s pass legislation that then gives them citizenship and the right to vote.  We will then overtake the right because all of these poor illegal people will need welfare, schooling, and other government assistance – and thus will vote for the left.

We will overtake the right by getting 10-20 million people the right to vote for democrats.  The ends justify the means.


What’s the big deal?  Here’s how I saw it.  I was not voting for Romney.  I voted for Obama.  But the problem that came out of this was that there was a terrorist attack on one of our embassies, and the MESSAGING that the ruling political class said was it was some sort of protest over a cartoon.  Here’s the problem – in this country, it’s mostly 50/50 republicans/democrats.  If it was seen that 3 weeks before the election there was a terrorist attack against us, the perception could have been that we hid the truth about what happened for fear that if we lost 1-2% of the electorate on a terrorist attack, that you might lose the presidency to Romney.  This was a legitimate fear.

The ends justify the means, let’s hide the truth at least long enough to get through the election.

President going alone...

There are checks and balances in our government, and Obama decided to bypass a lot of this through executive order.  The volume of his executive orders wasn’t the problem, the issue was the content of the executive orders went against congress.  For example, the Iranian nuclear deal.  This was not a treaty because this didn’t go through congress.  Congress got pissed that Obama was going around them.

Obama needed to get shit done, at all costs.

The ends justify the means.

Government shut down

So back in the day about 5 years ago, the government shut down.  Boehner and Obama went head to head.  I hated Boehner.  Smug son of a bitch.  But guess what?  Democrats won it after shutting down literally everything.  Obama won the battle – but this is where it all changed.

The ends justified the means…..

The tide changed…..

Republicans were getting decimated.  They fought back.  Boehner was on the hit seat and the Tea Party folks started to win elections.  They decided they needed their own brand of Machiavellianism after getting decimated time and time again.

First, they fought back by causing gridlock.  Anything the president wanted, they fought back.  Anything.  It wasn’t right, but the left had crushed them for 5 straight years.  Suddenly, nothing could get passed through congress, which then continued more executive orders, bypassing checks and balances.  Even myself, a person who voted for Obama twice, was rubbed wrong by this.  Rather than coming back to the table, this now escalated further.

The nuke was dropped.  Republicans refused to even take up the nomination of Merrick Garland.  This destroyed the left.  It was a nuclear option, one that defines our political climate today.  The republicans did not start this – but they met the democrats in the middle of the “arms race”.

The ends justify the means, they needed to keep the supreme court in order to not be vanquished.

Election 2016

Trump came on like a hurricane.  But he wasn’t someone who you would see hugging babies and running your PTA meetings.  He was a brass knuckle NY businessman who amassed a fortune through a variety of means.

In the beginning, he was making fun of his opponents.  Like a bully.  He went through the established political base like a buzz saw.  Like Jason Vorhees taking out an entire camp of unsuspecting horny teenagers, he decimated 16 political opponents by simply dismissing them.

This was the Machiavellian person the right needed to escalate the arms race.

Here you were presented a man who had cheated on wives, married supermodels, ruled TV ratings, and owned 500 companies.  He perhaps cheated and put pressure on his opponents.  He was a best selling author on Sun Tzu like strategy relating to the board room and negotiating.

The right found their champion of brute force tactics to get the job done.

The ends justify the means….

Post election…

We are finding that post election, there was a strategy in place

  1. Smear Trump where possible leading up to the election.  Create a stench of collusion with Russia.  Make him appear as if he’s willing to cheat in the board room and on his wives, he’s willing to cheat in the election.  There was a deep-state who was politicized by now who was willing to support this narrative.  They will tip the scales just enough to prevent him from winning.  Let’s insert spies into the campaign to hopefully entrap him.  If that doesn’t work….
  2. Bog the presidency down with so much innuendo and investigations his agenda will never amount to much.  Even though a right-leaning president won, his agenda would be essentially a lame-duck agenda until a proper democrat can be installed in 2020.

Today, I’m terrified by what I’m seeing the left has been doing to take down Trump – at all costs.  Maxine Waters daily talks about impeachment, yet no crime other than him being an asshole has been committed.

The ends justify the means.

Trump is no idiot.  The left constantly  undermines him by being some sort of clown, buffoon, misogynist, racist, xenophobe.  They control 90% of the media.  If you are right-leaning, he has been getting shit done with the agenda.  If you are left-leaning, your hair is on fire because the media has been telling you for 2 years he stole the election.  There’s no other reason he could have won.

The ends justify the means.

PC on steroids…

I just read an article yesterday that the “gender reveal” parties that parents do are now out of control.  In reading the comments, I was reminded of how president trump won the election.  Read this, then tell me that people aren’t angry about being told what to do by a militant left.  Now, it’s too cis-het whatever to celebrate the gender of your baby, and it MUST STOP.

The ends justify the means.


It’s a rocky time in this country, and we need to get back to negotiation, debate, and letting the best ideas “trump” partisanship.  We must begin to “de-nuke” our political establishment.  We must start to bring balance back to our media and to our political institutions.

This country is a country of idealists – and we are at each others’ throats in political brinksmanship.  Each side now continues to escalate rhetoric.

We must begin to engage people again.  Sadly, it might be too late.