I know half of my readers pull one lever, the other half pull the other lever.  So – I will try and be respectful to both sides.  I’m a moderate who used to vote for one side, now vote for the other, and may one day vote for the one side again.  I am someone who tries to unpack an argument and understand what’s behind it.

With the wall, it’s been electric in the United States.  You have one side who feels this will seal our border like epoxy, and another side who feels it’s worthless and will not stop one person from coming in.  The truth about security is that it’s about layers.  I have written about this topic a few times, but now we’re up on a DACA deadline which keeps this argument front and center.

Trump ran on ILLEGAL immigration.  Often, members of the left continue to paint him and republicans against ALL immigration.  This is intentional.  They continue to drop “illegal” off of immigration to incense you.  It might surprise you to hear that I’ve been friends with immigrants over the years, and many of them have now become U.S. citizens.   They went through the imperfect process and became citizens.

No republican on the planet has an issue with this.  So, it’s now unfair to paint republicans as xenophobic.  However, I hear this time and time again about our immigration policy.  If you try and label someone with a derogatory term, you are trying to claim the moral high ground – when you don’t necessarily have a rational argument.  When your moral high ground becomes your platform, you have not won me over with a rational argument.  This is how 76,000 democrats voted for Trump in the republican primaries.  We didn’t suddenly get racist – their arguments effectively swayed moderate voters.  This is what people on the left are not getting.

But the WALL is racist!

Now you are attacking an idea that is supposedly racist.

It might surprise you that there is already 600 miles of the 1700 miles of wall built.  That’s because in 2006, there was a bi-partisan bill to build the wall.  Was the wall racist then?  Was it racist when Hillary Clinton voted for it?  Or, did it become racist?  When was it not racist, and when did it become racist?  It has become “racist” as political spin by the left to scare people into voting against it.  It is not a rational argument, it’s name calling to claim the moral high ground.

But it is NOT effective!

Well, in areas where the wall is built, it’s 100% effective.   What then happens is people start crossing where the wall does not exist.  The Customs and Border Patrol agents support a wall.  Now, they can detect a lot when people cross, but they can’t get everyone.  There’s a manpower issue.  If a group of 100 comes across, and you have 2 local agents in a jeep, they might get 4-6 of them.  The rest cross over into this country.

But it costs too much!!!

In areas where the wall exists, they need 90% less CBP agents.  With 1100 miles open, this would suggest that a one-time cost of the wall would be not only effective in stopping traffic from crossing, but be more cost effective with a lower number of agents needed to effectively patrol.  With federal agents costing $100,000-$200,000 each per year (including training, medical benefits, overtime, and salary), you’re looking at 5-10 agents per million dollars.  Or 5,000-10,000 per billion dollars.   With an agency over 70,000 personnel deep, you start to realize agents per mile for the next 40 years is a lot of money in patrol costs.  Trump had talked about hiring 5,000 more agents to help patrol this border area.

5,000 agents = $1 billion per year in costs for taxpayer money.   Meaning, in 25 years, a $25 billion wall pays for itself.

But it then goes further than that.

Illegal immigration costs this country $113 billion per year.  These stats can be found all over the web, and vary depending on sources.  Building a wall will not take this number to zero.  But, it’s part off the solution of cost savings.

When people come here without an invitation, the following systems are stressed:

  1. Social systems like welfare – people are coming across with nothing, and many times systems in sanctuary cities are setup to help these people make a transition.
  2. Schools – our tax dollars we pay in property taxes in PA go towards an estimate of how many teachers/schools are needed.  When you suddenly stress a community with hundreds of more illegal children, this may mean more teachers/schools needed, driving up costs to taxpayers.
  3. Emergency response – with fire, police, and other emergency systems already stretched, you now have 11 million people in this country using these services
  4. Criminal justice system – While not all people who come across illegally are “rapists and murderers”, the numbers from our government have shown over 25,000 murders and 66,000 sexual assaults in the last 10 years by illegal aliens.  ALL of these could be prevented.  ALL of them.  Citizens want us to protect them, and putting a wall up can help with this.  Don’t take my word for it, look at the GAO report on page 21.

So, above you see all of the systems that are strained by the influx of illegal aliens.  Many of these people are deported multiple times and come right across the border again.  People we deport, we need to ensure they can’t get back across.

But they are all good people!

Without a doubt, 95% of the people coming across are good, decent, hard working people.  I don’t think you can find a republican to disagree with this.  But what about the other 5%.  Or 1%.  Did you see the item above from the GAO?  It is absolutely clear from our own government’s report (during the Obama administration) that there are a statistically significant number of criminals amongst this population.

All the republicans are asking for is the ability to STOP people at the border and be able to screen who can come into our country.  This is sort of why we have customs and border patrol.  This is why we have a coast guard.  This is why we have an immigration system.

One problem that has happened over the last 8 years or so is that the rule of law has been blurred.  For example, I’m for legalization of pot.  But rather than have the DEA declassify pot as a schedule 1 drug, or working with congress, states were allowed to “legalize it”, despite it being against federal law.  You CANNOT DO THIS.  The solution is to change the laws, not cherry pick which ones you choose to enforce.  Under the Obama administration, he instructed the DEA to look the other way on pot.  Despite it being law.  The same happened with a lot of the illegal immigration.  The solution is to enforce the law, and if the laws are not fair/accurate, to update the laws.

Meaning – if we are actually able to screen those coming in, and stop them at the border, we could reduce this $113 billion per year by perhaps $30-$50 billion.

But we can’t deport them!!

With this point, I mostly agree with you.  When you introduce these people into our system, you do incur tax payer stresses.  But you also introduce people buying goods and services, which increases tax bases in some sectors. Ripping 11 million people out of our country could be devastating to our economy.

However, a significant portion of who is here needs to go.  The GAO report clearly shows a lot of bad people in this country, and we need to deport them – and ensure they cannot get back in. The wall does assist in that objective.

With the dreamers, it seems they have a path to citizenship ahead of them, if the politicians can vote on it.  I’m semi-ok with this, as many of these dreamers have been here since they were in diapers.  This is the only country they have ever known.  I get this.  But – how can we prevent us from being in this situation again in 10-20 years?  Yup, increase our border security.

Lastly, deportation doesn’t seem to be a problem, where our last president was nicknamed “deporter in chief”.  The problem was, we deported them, and they turned around and came right back in.   This is the problem, ultimately.

But we need to help them!

No,  we don’t.  I feel if you want to take your paycheck and donate it, go ahead.  But I am not so inclined. I have a heart, I’m not unsympathetic.  But if you haven’t seen the gum ball video, I encourage you to spend 10 minutes of your time watching it to appreciate where republicans are coming from.

The general gist of this is that if a country has 100 people, and is destitute, our current immigration system may take 5 of the best and brightest minds from that country.  Maybe those with means who escape make up another 5 people illegally.  This leaves 90 people.  And the people who left this country are the smart people and those with means to leave.  This drains this country of a future.  It perpetually keeps this country in a 3rd world status.  Those who come here and get a great education, many never return to bring this knowledge – they find means of staying here legally and build a life here.  This means that every year, forever, these types of countries will never be able to lift themselves up.  It also clearly shows that even if we take as much of the poor as we can, it never helps those countries and only will harm us.


The wall is not racist, it’s not xenophobic.  It’s a layer of security meant to help protect our country from murders and rapes, as demonstrated by the GAO report.  It costs money, but has means of paying for itself in a very short time.  In addition, models of the wall also may have solar panels to general energy to also help pay for itself.   The wall also helps to ensure that those bad people that we do deport cannot make their way back into this country.  Also, this was a position championed by democrats, including the democratic candidate for president.

By adding the wall, we will increase border security, decrease stress on our social services, schools, criminal justice systems, and decrease crime.  This is not a moral position, but a logical position.  Am I missing something?  Comment below.