I don’t recall any sitting president in modern history getting challenged at a primary for a re-election.  I believe there’s enough there to make 2020 a unique year.  Currently, it appears that Cuban has some feelers out there for a presidential run.  He was quoted as a “4 out of 10” on how serious he was taking this.

To say Trump is a flawed man….well….I don’t think we need to re-hash his 426 different flubs, tweets, missed hand shakes, etc to demonstrate that there is indeed a flawed man in the White House.

Before I go further, there has been some great things I believe he has done:

  1. Taken a serious interest in border security
  2. Has an asymmetrical and changing attitude, which makes it hard for enemies to read what he plans on doing.
  3. Has been brilliant on foreign affairs by letting top generals set policy and allow troops to engage differently
  4. Had previously organized big business in meeting after meeting
  5. Has driven the idea of lower corporate taxes/income taxes home, and this could keep a consistent 3-5% growth for several years
  6. Has had some seriously great cabinet appointees.  I love John Kelly and Rex Tillerson.  I think Betsy Devos might be his weakest appointment.
  7. I like that he hasn’t filled a lot of positions.
  8. I do like the nationalist tone.  Sorry everyone, but your countries try to do what’s best for your countries.  In our country, for 50 years, we worry about how we can help other countries.  What many of you don’t realize worldwide is that in this country, we have 50 or so LARGE cities….and each and every one of them is mostly crumbled with inner-city violence with drug problems.  Our country wants to take a pause and try and fix ourselves so we can be stronger from within.
  9. I like the idea of a businessman as CEO of our country.   Someone who understands how business really works.
  10. Socially more centrist.  He’s not anti-gay.  While he does side with pro-lifers, He is decidedly more centrist than any Republican in modern history.
  11. The strength in support for Israel.

That being said, the above is why many people are for Trump succeeding.  It’s not because we feel he’s a “good person”.  It’s about results.  So here are some highlights of what is wrong, which most of us hoped would improve after he was elected:

  1. Bullying others. I’m ok with him leaning on Congress.  Their approval rating is usually 15% or so.
  2. The tweets.  It’s embarrassing.
  3. Lack of bipartisanship.  While he wants to blame the dems for blocking, I don’t think he grasps that the last 3 years Republicans blocked anything Obama wanted to do.

I can’t defend his behavior.  I just can’t.  What I can applaud is certain results that might result in higher growth, lower taxes, and overhauls on the medical insurance system that are to come.  I am applauding lower energy costs and how we are on a path to not only be self-sufficient from middle-eastern oil, but we are also potentially energy exporters.

OK…so all of the above said, Trump is extremely vulnerable to a primary.

Everything I liked about Trump, is actually better with Cuban.

What do you think?  An executive in the White House rather than Trump in 2020?

What about Cuban versus Zuckerburg?  I believe it might be getting to a point that the only people that can run and win are billionaire famous people.