This is something you have to whisper today, as there is so much hate out there it’s hard to just be yourself.

I’ve always been moderate, tilting to the left.  Why?

  1. Gay rights.  I have a family member who is gay and support their rights to love whoever they want.
  2. Keynesian economics.  I felt infrastructure projects were a great way to recover from a recession.
  3. Against trickle down economics.
  4. Wanted the blue collar class to be prosperous.

To be clear, I’m a social liberal (perhaps a social moderate today now that the SJWs are scaring the shit out of me) and a fiscal conservative.  Fiscal conservative…what does that mean to me?

  1. Define what services the government is to provide.  Where possible, private sector should be doing services.
  2. Create efficiencies and centralization to leverage resources and provide robust services.
  3. Lower taxes to put money in the pockets of the people.
  4. To be CLEAR – you need to reduce costs in order to reduce taxes.
  5. I’m mostly anti-union.  They have a rich history of supporting the worker, but sometimes this support drives factories to other countries.  Unions often are doing more harm to the average American worker today than good.  Again, there are places for unions.

There was a confluence of events that happened this election cycle.  I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but over the last 3 years or so, the slow trickle of Obamacare disaster stories caught my attention.  Then…Bernie happened.  I WAS for Clinton in 2013 or so, but Bernie also took her to the far left, just as Romney was a moderate taken to the far right in 2012 to appease his base and win the primary.  What happened?

  1. Free college.  Free?  You mean you’re going to charge people more taxes so Tyler can study middle eastern 14th century poetry for $65,000 per year at Brown?  No.  Part of the college experience is evaluating ROI.  Pick a major that can bring a return on your investment.  If not, there is a FREE college route.  Scholarships as well as the GI Bill. Earn it – and when you are motivated to EARN it, you will not waste the opportunity presented to you.
  2. $15 per hour minimum wage.  I can write 10 essays on this alone.  The big problem here is this essentially would wipe out all small business in this country inside of a year or two.  All of these higher wages would be passed on to the consumer.  Imagine how hard it is for a lot of families to come up with $100 a week for groceries.  Now, because higher wages are passed on, it’s now $250 for the same amount of groceries, but you now make $4 more per hour.  Gas prices go up. Rent goes up.   Everything you purchase may double in price – but your wages won’t keep up.  I’ve taken 5 economics classes as part of my MBA.  I’d love to debate this with you and show you how the math works.  And then you’d be like – “that’s a horrible idea”.  The light bulb will go off, trust me.  The far left is looking for a form of socialism/communism – what this does is DE-MOTIVATE a large percentage of your population from trying harder.  If you can flip burgers for $15 per hour or be a firefighter for $15 per hour, it’s easier to flip burgers.  The problem most people are forgetting is burger flipping jobs are usually not a career destination.  I used to flip burgers, and it helped me get through college.  The fact that this is a cornerstone of the democrat agenda scares the ever-living shit out of me.  This is like having your 4 year old wanting to take your Ferrari out for a spin.  They just have no clue what the hell this would do.  None.  See: Venezuela.
  3. Tax grab.  I once saw a debate between Clinton and Bernie where they were trying to pontificate where else they could get more taxes.  The last 3 years, we have taken in more revenues than we ever have before.  And we still have a huge deficit.  We need to reduce costs.


I don’t agree with all of the Republican agenda.  I don’t agree with all of the Republican personnel.  I think Twitter is a horrible, horrible idea.

But why did I move to the Republicans?

  1. Up until this election, I felt that the Republicans were anti-gay, racist, and so religious they needed to pray 15 times a day.  I forced myself to watch ALL primary debates this year, from both sides.  I wanted an open mind.  Most people forget, Clinton and Obama were BOTH anti-gay marriage at one point, until politically, it made sense for them to back it.  Trump said “Gay marriage is the law of the land” and has been to gay marriages.  My feelings were none of my gay friends/family had anything to fear.  I think the trans community may have more hurdles ahead for them.
  2. The Republicans flanked the Dems on this election.  In a move of brilliance, the Republicans captured the coal miners and union factory personnel which normally went Dem.  Because of trade agreements, regulations, and climate agreements – the democratic policies essentially left our factories screwed.  I felt a strong businessman could help our industry come back.  Meaning, you won’t need artificial $15 per hour jobs because real trade jobs will come back.  Recently, a $10 billion factory was announced in Wisconsin from Foxconn.  This would create potentially 20,000-30,000 jobs at an average salary of $52,000.  The same reason I support Perot, I supported Trump.  I WANT our president to be the CEO of the country, not the top politician.  Because of the results I desire, I’ve been ok dealing with the “stink” that comes with the shit.  The “new” factories we are building are highly robotic – and cheaper to produce goods than using the labor of Asia.  So – instead of keeping trade agreements as they were, we are looking to change them.  For example, during my MBA thesis on Tesla, I learned that China will not let anyone sell cars or planes there unless you partner with a Chinese company, share your industry knowledge, and produce it there.  We say, “sure, unload all of your cheap goods here, not produced here, which puts everyone out of business”.  With Foxconn opening a plant here, it’s a signal that rather than placing a tariff on these Chinese goods – we can produce them here and create American job.  THIS is why I supported the Republicans this time.  Take a look at what this looks like. hyundai-plant-2
  3. Message of “picking yourself up by the bootstraps”.  This message resonated with me, and resonates with me daily.  I feel that we need welfare, food stamps, and programs for the poor.  I do not believe these programs should be for life, and having lived in an inner city at one point for 7 years – most people who vote on the left have no fucking clue what they are actually supporting.  Live there.  Really live it.  I moved to the suburbs and wiped my hands clean.  These cities have been under democratic control for 50-60 years, and nothing fucking changes.  Anyway – I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to change too, from within.  I needed to take accountability of my health.  I felt one problem with Obamacare was that many of us (including me) are ridiculously unhealthy and the more unhealthy your population is as a whole, the higher the healthcare costs are for everyone.  I wanted to do my part – and proactively address my health now, rather than wait 5-10 years and go through heart attacks, cancers, and diabetes (all of which I mostly could control).  I feel like it makes sense on a patriotic level to DO YOUR PART by keeping yourself in shape.  This, I believe, is essentially why healthcare costs are a lot less everywhere else.  We are extremely unhealthy as a nation.
  4. Messaging.  I wasn’t really clear what Clinton supported, as her position changed a lot over the years.  It had seemed mostly like she was going for the status quo.  While things were chugging along at 1-2% growth, I felt like this may be the time to take a risk to try and wildly shake things up.  I felt Trump’s message was more or less brilliant – as it was vague enough so everyone could define it for themselves.   The opposition assumed this meant a time of racism.  The message Clinton then released was “I’m with HER”.  Trump’s team then released, “I’m with YOU”.  It just seemed from a messaging perspective, Clinton was pulled way to the left and never felt comfortable there, and couldn’t craft a cogent message.  Trump’s team was wildly populist and many slogans came from it – think “drain the swamp”.  Trump would have these massive rallies, and Clinton once had a problem filling 150 chairs.
  5. Guns.  Over the years, I was anti-gun because I felt it made no sense for people to have machine guns.  Well…I listened to the right over the last 5 years.  Opened my mind.  And you then find out that some of the heaviest regulated areas – are the worst homicide rates with guns.  More laws just don’t fix the problems.  And – any single gun shooting incident then brought out a cadre of personnel shaming everyone into voting to take your guns.  You know, part of my spidey sense started tingling.  We have the PATRIOT act, we have wiretapping and unmasking, the government is monitoring all of our communications, they want to tax us to the hilt….and now the widespread message of no guns was coming.  It just started to bother me on other levels.  Especially since most of these incidents that were happening could not have been prevented by more laws/regulations.


  6. Illegal immigration.  10 years ago, you’d hear about these scandals of Republican lawmakers having an illegal nanny, forcing them to resign.  Democrats were up in arms!!  Yes – I haven’t really changed my position, but the Dems went further left.  I am against ILLEGAL immigration.  I have friends that have come here from other countries, LEGALLY, and did it the right way.  They did it the right way, filed their paperwork, and were legally admitted.  They paid taxes, and one has even become a U.S. Citizen!!   I am FOR this.  So are Republicans.  However, if you listen to CNN enough, which I did for a long, long time – you hear the “illegal” being dropped and make it sound like Republicans are “anti-immigrant”.  There is a narrative that all of these people coming in are harmless.  Except the ones that aren’t.  Not sure if any of you are paying attention, but we’ve essentially been at war for 15 years against countries in the middle east.  We might want to secure the borders better.  Don’t need a wall?  Why not?  All of our lawmaker’s have a fence in their backyard.  The Hollywood stars that don’t want the wall….all have large privacy fences/walls on their own property.   This is also a topic I’d love to talk with you about for 3 hours.  Yes, there are many harmless people here who are hard workers.  But they are not law abiding.  How are they working?  Do they use fake IDs?  Have the filed taxes?  Broken any labor laws?  First, you are fighting for $15 per hour minimum wage because there are no “good paying jobs” – yet you don’t realize a lot of “good paying jobs” are being done under the table by illegal immigrants which are putting U.S. citizens out of work.  Look at the dirty secrets of the house building industry.  High paying carpentry jobs are being replaced with migrant workers for a fraction of the cost.  If we simply enforced the laws already on the books, your need to have Bob make $15 per hour flipping burgers is unnecessary because Bob can get back to doing his construction job.  One argument you hear is “they do jobs Americans won’t do”.  Let me now ask you a question.  Would you pick grapes for $1,000 per hour?  Fuck yeah.  Would you do it for $2 per hour?  Fuck no.  You have people flooding  the market who WILL work for cheaper.  This drives down wages.  Again – no need for your $15 minimum wages if you let the market and immigration work how it was designed.  Instead, the Dems flood the market with cheap labor – driving down labor costs – which infuriated union labor, construction, etc.
  7. Law.  What I’ve been seeing the last few years has bothered me.  We have immigration law on the books, but Obama essentially orders them to stand down.  Cities have become “sanctuary cities” and telling federal agents to go fuck themselves.  Lastly, you have marijuana being legalized, but yet it’s still a schedule 1 drug with the FDA.  I’m FOR legalization of pot.  No one ever died from a pot overdose.  How many people drank themselves to death?  However, the problem is this is going on – despite federal laws being in place making it illegal.  What I would ask our lawmakers to do is essentially remove it as a schedule 1 drug.  If states want to make it legal, ok.  But not while there is a federal law against it.  Same thing with illegal immigration.  I believe our laws need to be changed.  But guess what.  You can’t simply pick and choose what law to enforce.  Remember lady justice?  When you take that blindfold off  and apply shit how YOU feel it should be applied, you are then being unfair to everyone else.  Change the fucking laws.  And guess what – if people are in charge – who were VOTED in – don’t WANT to change  the laws?  Vote them out, IF you have the numbers.  If you don’t – make a case, appeal to others.  Use logic.  Be persuasive.  Today, everyone skips this fucking part and tears into someone on a personal level.  lady-justice
  8. I was offended by you.  Highly offended.  I used to argue a lot with my brother as a kid.   I hated when he was fucking right.  It happens.  It happens when I argue with my wife too – sometimes I’m wrong.  You know what, you get a sheepish grin, you admit you were wrong, and you move on.  I used to LOVE grabbing some booze or coffee and chatting about politics with my friends.  Loved it.  I miss those days a lot, which is why I come here sometimes.  I miss hearing the arguments FOR something.  I used to love to read persuasive essays in high school, and was on the debate team.  Today, I try to make an argument, and you try to call me:
    1. Racist
    2. homophobic
    3. xenophobic
    4. misogynist

You call me those things out of anger.  Out of emotion.  But in the meantime, you did not refute any of my arguments, you simply treated me like a sibling and punched me in the arm.  But I was highly offended, because I’m not a “deplorable”.  I’m someone who felt change was needed, and guess what – those who have been in charge didn’t want change to take place – so their messaging has been to call the opposition names.  The 4 above I see the most.  It’s offensive – because once being part of your team, we used to have real positions with logic.  These have been replaced, completely, with name calling.  I would love to debate any of you.  Get a coffee.  Grab a few beers.  Talk things out.  Understand differences.  Find common ground.  Respect each other.

I fear those days are gone.  I watched CNN for a lot of years.  And, sadly, after the election I had to part ways.  It’s a 24×7 hysteria network now meant to scare the shit out of dems that republicans are coming to ruin all of your lives and have you live under a dictatorship.

As a former Dem, I’m not coming to take your shit.  I’m coming to help get jobs back, get higher wage jobs.  Get businesses moving money again.  Reduce and eliminate deficits.  Rein in N. Korea and Iran.  Help those people on Obamacare who are paying ridiculously high premiums.

So I don’t agree with the Twitter stuff.  I don’t agree with the concept of vouchers.  I feel we should continue to be an energy leader so we are never at the mercy of the middle east again.  I like the hyperloop.  I like electric cars.  I feel our commander in chief needs to treat people with decency, even if he disagrees with them.  However – I do have a lot of hope of good things ahead.  I am highly concerned about N Korea’s ICBM, and how these actions are drawing us into conflict.  This is a result of both dems and republicans failing over 20 years to stop this.

I agree with you on a lot, dems.  I may support some different ways off achieving the end result – but I’m not any of those 4 names you try calling me and my friends.

The Russia thing bothers me.  But not like you.  What you’re not realizing from watching CNN, is that this was going to be the scandal no matter who won.  If Hillary won, the amount of Russian ties is scary – and this narrative would have come out then.  The Republicans would have been on some witch hunt then, asking why, when Hillary was secretary of state, that she sold Russians a LOT of uranium, and then soon after, her husband got a speaking fee of $500,000 from Russians.  This scandal was coming because the Russians WANT to destabilize our democracy and stock market.  They HAVE INTERFERED.  The problem is, you have been brainwashed to think that Trump somehow sat down with Putin and figured out a way to rig the election.  This didn’t happen.  Not even close.  But you can’t get past this.  And your leadership is now hellbent on “resist, resist, resist”.


So why did I switch parties?  I wanted change.  You don’t want change.  You don’t have to call me names over it.